Make Your Teacher Smile with These Teacher Appreciation Cards

Teachers do an impressive job all year round, so it makes sense that we seek out moments like Teacher Appreciation Day to celebrate their dedication. Sending teacher appreciation cards is a simple yet powerful way to show that you’re grateful for their hard work

Whether you’re sending a Teacher Appreciation Day card or simply want to send a thank you card to an amazing instructor, we have all the ideas you need. Get ready to find plenty of wording ideas, gift inspiration, and some of our favorite teacher appreciation cards

When to Send a Teacher Appreciation Card

You can send a thank you card to a teacher any day of the year, but one of the best is Teacher Appreciation Day — celebrated on the first Tuesday of May. It’s the highlight of Teacher Appreciation Week (the first week in May) and a wonderful day to celebrate an incredible educator. 

Another great time to send a teacher appreciation card is at the end of the year. As the school year closes, it’s the perfect moment to express gratitude for all the hard work teachers do to make the learning experience what it is. 

What to Write in Your School Teacher Appreciation Cards

Teacher appreciation cards: Education Doodles Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

While your words don’t have to be perfectly constructed, there are some things you’ll want to include in your teacher appreciation card to get the message across. Here’s what we think are must-haves for a sweet teacher appreciation card

Your Teacher’s Name

Start the card off with a simple greeting, like “Dear [Name]” or “Dear [Title] [Surname]” — choose whichever is most appropriate for the relationship. If there’s a close relationship or the teacher is fine with informality, even an excited “Hi [Name]!” works. You could also address the teacher in a fun way, like “To the best teacher in the universe.”

A Thank You Message

The main part of your teacher appreciation card is the thank you message. Express your gratitude for a teacher who’s gone above and beyond this year. A simple “thank you for being an incredible teacher” works, and so does “I appreciate everything you’ve done this year for me [or Pupil’s Name].”

Something Personal

You don’t have to add a personal anecdote to your thank you note, but it’s a sweet way to add more depth to your teacher appreciation card. Think back to a specific moment when this teacher made a difference, and mention it within your card message. The teacher will be touched that you remembered and that the moment meant so much. 

The Sender’s Name

Teachers likely get lots of greetings and note cards sent to them on Teacher Appreciation Day, so make sure it’s clear who this one is from. After your thank you message, sign off with a “With many thanks, [Name]” or “From [Name].”

Thoughtful Teacher Appreciation Card Wording Examples

Confetti on Fleek Thank You Note

Design: Stacey Meacham Design, LLC

There’s no right and wrong way to express your gratitude for someone. Here’s how to say thank you in different ways to help you find something that works perfectly for your teacher appreciation cards

Simple Teacher Appreciation Card Wording Ideas

Your thank you message doesn’t have to be lengthy or complicated. Often the shortest ones are the sweetest. Consider these messages for your card: 

  • Thank you, teacher! You’re simply the best!
  • Thank you for being a wonderful teacher to [Name]
  • Thanks for being the best teacher ever! 
  • I’m so glad to have been your student this year
  • Thanks for all your hard work and dedication 
  • Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me, [Title] [Surname]! 

Heartfelt Teacher Card Word Inspiration

Sometimes you want a longer message that you can follow with a specific memory or moment. For a thoughtful message, look no further than these wording ideas to inspire you: 

  • You helped me so much with [example], and for that, I’m truly grateful.
  • Thinking of you and grateful for all the extra help you provided when I was struggling with [subject]. Thank you.
  • I wouldn’t be the person I am today without your support
  • You’ve helped and guided me through some tough times. Thank you! 
  • If you were a book, you’d be a bestseller! Thanks for being an amazing teacher
  • A great teacher deserves an apple, but you deserve the whole orchard! 

Funny Messages for Your Teacher Appreciation Cards

Teachers aren’t always serious. If you love to joke around or your teacher is fond of humor, this can be a lovely way to honor their personality. Here are some lighthearted teacher appreciation card wording ideas. 

  • Thanks for being the easiest teacher to prank! 
  • My [Relative] forced me to write this. Thank you, teacher
  • Sorry for writing all those things on the chalkboard this year! 
  • Going back to school sucks, but knowing you’ll be my teacher makes it a little bit easier! 
  • I feel sorry for your next class of students, they have a lot to live up to. Thanks for putting up with us, [Title] [Name]! 

Fun Gifts to Send with Your Teacher Appreciation Cards

Students giving teacher appreciation cards

A heartfelt thank you note is more than enough, but we can understand wanting to send a gift too. If a teacher appreciation gift is on your wishlist, try some of these fun ideas to send along with your thank you card for teachers

Watercolor Set

There’s something calming about watercolor painting, which makes it a wonderful teacher appreciation gift idea. Give your teacher a watercolor set as a gift, and encourage them to spend some time relaxing and allowing their creativity to flow. 

Homemade Cookies

Freshly baked goods are always a hit when it comes to DIY gifts. Bake some delicious cookies at home, wrap or box them, then add a personalized gift tag or sticker. Present them to the teacher with a smile and a big thank you.

Gift Card

Gift cards are a great choice as they offer your recipient plenty of value and variety — perfect for a teacher whose interests and passions you don’t necessarily know. With Greenvelope, you can add a gift card to your digital card with no extra fee, making this a useful and affordable gift idea for teachers. 

Mini Basket

Another thoughtful teacher appreciation gift idea is to put together your own mini basket. Box up some sweet treats, a scented candle, a notebook, and other little treasures and self-care supplies that will help your teacher unwind. 

Our Favorite Teacher Cards

Your thank you message deserves a cute card to match. Take a look at these digital greeting cards and see which one makes your shortlist for the best Teacher Appreciation Day card

Shape Minds Card

Shape Minds teacher appreciation card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

We love the message on this Shape Minds card — it’s the perfect way to honor what teachers really do. This design is available in a variety of fun color options, or you can personalize it with your own. 

Forest Friends Thank You Note

Forest Friends Thank You Note

Design: Becky Nimoy Stationery (photo courtesy of Julia Kinnunen Photography)

While this is styled as a baby shower thank you card, with a change of the wording you can turn this thank you note into an adorable teacher appreciation card from a young child. 

Modern Hoops Thank You Note

Teacher appreciation cards

Design: Pedaller Designs

We love the fun retro colors on this eye-catching thank you note. The front is sweet and simple, while there’s plenty of room on the reverse for a longer teacher appreciation message. 

Send Amazing Teacher Appreciation Cards this Year

A heartfelt teacher appreciation card goes a long way in expressing just how much a valued educator means to you. Their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, and you’re ready to celebrate their commitment with a thank you note

Don’t forget — Greenvelope thank you cards, like all our designs, can be personalized. Switch out the colors, change the layout, and add your own wording to transform the template into a customized, unique-to-you card. You could even start with a birthday card or Mother’s Day card as the base, then tweak it until you have your ideal teacher thank you card.