Tea party invitations: a cup of tea, flowers, and an invitation

Move over cocktails, because tea is the new party theme du jour. Maybe it’s our obsession with all things royal or just a desire to eat crumpets and be fancy, but tea parties are our new favorite way to celebrate all of life’s special moments. They’re a fun way to celebrate a whole number of events from baby showers and engagement parties to birthdays and Mother’s Day brunch.

You’ve probably heard “high tea” or “afternoon tea” in relation to tea parties, and we want to take a minute to explore the differences between the two. After all, if you’re going to throw a posh tea party à la The Queen, you want to do it right.

The mid-day affairs with lace tablecloths and dainty tea sandwiches that we typically associate with tea parties are what’s referred to as afternoon tea or low tea in the UK. High tea, on the other hand, is traditionally a larger meal eaten around 5 pm that more closely resembles dinner, so a high tea party wouldn’t be the same as an afternoon tea party. The more you know!

If all this talk of proper terminology has you stressed about throwing a tea party, don’t worry, because it’s actually easy to put together an elegant tea time soiree. A tea party is a wonderfully versatile way to celebrate everything from a rustic-chic wedding rehearsal dinner to a birthday princess tea party. Scroll through for eight tea party invitations to get you started and give you some inspiring tea party ideas.

Bridal Tea Party Invitations

A bridal shower tea party is a traditional and sophisticated way to celebrate the bride-to-be. And while prim and proper tea party doesn’t usually come to mind when thinking of bachelorette parties, there’s no reason why you can’t go against the grain and replace your typical night on the town with an elegant tea. We get it though, you still don’t want this to resemble a party your grandma would have, so throw some adult beverages in the mix with tea-infused cocktails.

Tea and Crumpets Invitation

Tea party invitations: the Tea and Crumpets invitation design from Greenvelope

Credit: Chica Design

Tea and crumpets anyone? Use this bridal shower tea party invitation for either an at-home party or a luncheon at a tea room. The available color schemes are navy blue, plum, and gray, but you can always work with a designer to pick any of your favorite colors and customize the bridal shower invitations to match your wedding colors. Swap the traditional toilet paper veils for fun fascinators to really embrace the spirit of afternoon tea.

Dainty Doily Invitation

Tea party invitations: the Dainty Doily invitation design from Greenvelope

Credit: Jen Montgomery

This dainty doily and floral design with a tongue-in-cheek nod to tea etiquette works great as a garden party or tea bridal shower invitation. We love the par-tea pun, and the inclusion of Tiffany blue throughout the invite makes this suitable for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed event. What bride wouldn’t love that?

Baby Shower Tea Party Invitations

If there’s ever a perfect time to throw an alcohol-free tea party, it’s a baby shower. Replace the mimosa bar with a tea bar and send guests home with sachets of herbal teas in their gift bags. This is also a great time to bring out the family china for serving tea or check out your local thrift store for vintage teacups.

Piping Pot Invitation

Tea party invitations: the Piping Pot invitation design from Greenvelope

Credit: PrettyMeJoy

The illustrated teapot on this baby shower invitation is simple and sweet, keeping the focus on the theme at hand. The pop of color from the flowers inside the teapot is a charming addition, and can even serve as inspiration for the tea party. Serve floral teas with real flower petals floating inside for an Instagram-worthy photo opportunity that matches the shower invite. Flower crowns are a big plus.

Precious Carousel Invitation

Tea party invitations: the Precious Carousel invitation design from Greenvelope

Credit: Leah Bisch Studio

This whimsical and precious baby shower invite has us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. An illustrated pony sits on top of a Kentucky Derby-style wreath and ribbon, and the muted, pastel tones fit right in with the theme of tea parties and babies. Consider using the pony motif throughout the decor, and add greenery and plants to give the party a more grown-up vibe — hey, the baby isn’t here yet!

Birthday Tea Party Invitations

Whether it’s for a first birthday, a sweet 16, or an adult birthday, tea parties are a solid option for a daytime birthday bash. If you don’t want a birthday invitation that’s heavy on the teacup or teapot designs, something that plays up the floral, garden party aspect of a tea party will work just as well for your tea party birthday invitation.

Sweet Berry Cake Invitation

Tea party invitations: the Sweet Berry Cake invitation design from Greenvelope

Credit: Paper Raven Co.

Tea and cakes are a match made in heaven, which is why we love this cake design for a first birthday invitation. This sweet birthday party invitation features a delicious-looking layer cake topped with whipped cream, fresh berries, and a single candle that hints at the first birthday theme. Choose from combos of pink and brown, and hats off to you if you serve a matching cake at the party.

Single Carnation Invitation

Tea party invitations: the Single Carnation invitation design from Greenvelope

Credit: Claudia Owen

Contrary to popular belief, a tea party doesn’t have to be all sunshine and pastels. This moody floral invite is mysterious and alluring and would be ideal for a more grown-up tea party. The single pink carnation gives the invite a sense of romance, and the touch of formal calligraphy is a nice contrast to the more modern typography.

Ladies’ Afternoon

Do you really need an occasion to throw a tea party? A soothing cup of tea, finger sandwiches, and dainty scones on a sunny afternoon sounds like the perfect way to catch up with your BFFs. Choose a tea party theme for your next book club meeting or turn the event into a luxurious spa day (cucumbers won’t just be for the sandwiches). You could even use this as an opportunity to gather everyone to watch your favorite Royals-related TV show or movie.

Hearts and Stripes Invitation

Tea party invitations: the Hearts and Stripes invitation design from Greenvelope

Credit: Signature Greenvelope

This bold striped invitation is super versatile and can be used for any event. Swap out wine and chocolate for tea and biscuits, and you’ve got yourself a tea party. Use it to throw a fun Galentine’s Day party (because your gal pals deserve some love too) and customize the colors of the stripes to fit your own personal taste.

Bright Spring Florals Invitation

Tea party invitations: the Bright Spring Florals invitation design from Greenvelope

Credit: Olive + Me

This spring floral tea party invite works for any type of tea or garden party, and the colorful blooms are sure to brighten up everyone’s inbox. Customize the text to include specific wording for your specific party, and choose between three vibrant color combinations for the invite and the envelope.

Make It Your Own

If you see a design that catches your eye, but the template is worded for a different type of party, don’t worry because that’s the beauty of customizable invites. You can completely change the invitation wording to match your specific party, while still using the design you fell in love with. Browse through our range of entertaining invites to get inspiration for all your future parties and events.