Food is love. Love is food. When combined together they create My Sweet Lil Cakes.

Following in his parents’ footsteps, Jesse found love in the city of Seattle when he first set his eyes on Sheena in early 2011. They spent the first few months of their relationship trying to figure out a way quit their jobs to work beside each other forever.

“It didn’t take very long staring at Sheena’s assets in the kitchen to come up with the inspiration for these deliciously plump hotcakes on a stick!” Jesse Lee, Founder

My Sweet Lil Cakes, a 50s themed mobile diner, specializes in sweet and savory stuffed hotcakes on a stick. A few selections from their menu includes blueberry lemon ricotta, red velvet with dark cherries and sweet cream, and beer and hickory smoked bacon.

Jesse and Sheena’s hotcakes may one day be offered in theaters and the frozen food aisle, but for now, you will have to track them down for your next party.