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Back in the day, Microsoft PowerPoint was the king of school project presentations and office meetings. Then, during the pandemic, its popularity surged as a convenient way to get together online with friends and family. Today, PowerPoint is trending on TikTok as the star activity of in-person sleepovers, virtual hangouts, and game nights.

If you’re ready to plan a PowerPoint party, all you need is a computer, a presentation tool, an audience, and this guide! Read on for fun PowerPoint party ideas including suggestions for entertaining presentations, interactive games, and engaging activities. 

What Is a PowerPoint Party?

PowerPoint party ideas: colleagues playing games at their office

A PowerPoint party puts a new spin on the classic presentation software from Microsoft. Participants come up with fun creative ideas to share with other partygoers and put it all together in a presentation tool like PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, or Google Slides. Everyone takes turns presenting their chosen topic. Like any festive gathering, costumes can be encouraged and drinking games are often incorporated — along with hilarious Q&A sessions.

To plan your own PowerPoint party, start by creating a small list of guests. These parties are best when there aren’t a large number of participants since it can get chaotic. If you do want to invite more people, consider having them participate as teams.

PowerPoint parties are also better suited for teen or adult gatherings since you’ll need to know how to use the presentation tool. If you want to include younger kids, pair them with a parent or older family member who can help guide them through the presentation.

Next, consider the format of the event. Assign a time limit for each presentation, consider if you want to have a party theme, and decide if you want to incorporate a dress code or costume requirement. Once you have everything organized, send out digital invitations and let guests know what to expect during the party. 

18 Fun and Memorable PowerPoint Party Ideas

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PowerPoint parties are meant to be fun and silly. When choosing a topic to present, focus on one that you (and your guests) will find entertaining. Once you start creating the slideshow, be sure to use digital effects and visuals like GIFs, videos, graphs, emojis, memes, and charts to make your point. If you need some help getting started, consider using presentation templates or starter packs to easily put together any themed slideshow.

Whether you’re hosting a bachelor or bachelorette party, a birthday get-together, or a casual Friday night celebration, PowerPoint parties are a fun way to spend time with your closest friends and family. Here are our favorite funny PowerPoint party ideas that are sure to have you laughing out loud.

1. Drink, Talk, and Learn

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Drink, Talk, and Learn (DTL) is one of the classic themes for a PowerPoint party. It focuses on choosing a topic, teaching your friends about it, and drinking while doing it. (Of course, you can make it a non-alcoholic drinking event.) Think of it as a modern take on a lecture, but way more fun. Topics can range from basic chemistry and edible plants to wild animals, worldwide New Year’s traditions, or unusual jobs. 

2. Everyone as Fictional Characters From TV Shows or Movies

Create a PowerPoint presentation showing each of the participants as characters from their favorite movies or reality TV shows. You can select characters who look similar to your friends or those who share common personality traits. Pick funny representations and remember to keep things light-hearted to avoid hurting anyone’s feelings.

3. Celebrity Lookalikes

For this PowerPoint night presentation, choose celebrities who look like your invited guests. Post pictures of them side by side on slides. Use creative fonts and funny memes or clips to demonstrate the resemblance when it comes to talking style, mannerisms, or other characteristics.

4. Conspiracy Theories 

Put your research and PowerPoint skills to good use by sharing a slideshow of the silliest conspiracy theories. You can also assign each guest a specific conspiracy theory and have them create a presentation to convince everyone that it’s actually true.

5. Fashion Trends You Regret

Party Dress Invitation

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Invitation Inspiration: Party Dress Invitation

One of the funniest PowerPoint night ideas, this theme is all about poking fun at your past selves. Put together a slideshow of yourself over the years and your biggest fashion faux pas. Talk about each trend and why it missed the mark.

6. Best and Worst Disney Characters

Create a slideshow ranking Disney characters from best to worst. You can go deeper into the theme by choosing only villains or heroes. As an alternative, you could make a slideshow featuring a look-alike Disney character for each of your guests.

7. Unpopular Opinions

When you send out your PowerPoint party invitations, ask guests to prepare a presentation of unpopular ideas. Create a sign-up sheet where each person can add their idea — like the worst fast food restaurant that everybody else loves, their biggest pet peeves, or the most overrated music artist. 

8. Your Friends as Dog Breeds

Man and his dog looking at the camera

This lighthearted presentation idea is perfect for a group of friends who love dogs. Make a slideshow featuring each friend alongside the dog breed that represents their personality or appearance the most. Draw inspiration from guest’s quirks and personality traits and pair them with dog breeds that share similar characteristics.

9. Taylor Swift Eras

For your next friend gathering or virtual happy hour, create a slideshow featuring each guest in their best Taylor Swift era. Incorporate a short playlist featuring a paired song for each slide. You can also ask guests to dress up in outfits inspired by their favorite Swift songs or tour outfits.

10. Zombie Apocalypse Deaths

Create a slideshow presentation of how everyone would die if there was a zombie apocalypse or if they were the star of a horror movie. Use memes and GIFs to make the presentation more dramatic and don’t forget to incorporate spooky fonts to set the tone.

11. A Shared Bucket List

Girls Getaway Invitation

Design: Molly My

Invitation Inspiration: Girls Getaway Invitation

A fun couple’s idea is to create a slideshow of your bucket list getaway ideas and share them as inspiration for your next adventure. Include ideas for road trips, exotic escapes, and nearby weekend trips. You can also use this idea for planning a trip with your best friend or other loved ones.

12. Best and Worst Photos on Social Media

Get the laughs going with a blast from your past thanks to this slideshow idea featuring your best and worst photos on social media. Choose photos from different stages of your lives including when you were a baby, in high school, or even last week! This is one of the easiest funny PowerPoint night ideas you can put together for your friends or family members.

13. Two Truths and a Lie

For one of the most hilarious (and eye-opening) PowerPoint party ideas, you can’t go wrong with Two Truths and a Lie. When planning your game night, ask every participant to create a slideshow with two true statements and one that’s a lie. Use slides to give clues as to which ones are accurate and which one is false while the other guests try to guess. You might be surprised at what you learn!

14. Superhero Powers

Group of friends playing games outdoors

With this fun idea, share a presentation on who everyone would be as superheroes or what their secret power would be if they were a superhero. Think about their personality traits or physical strengths and don’t be afraid to be humorous and add some fun trivia when crafting the slideshow.

15. Psychic Reading or Zodiac Sign Accuracy

Cast A Spell Invitation

Design: Becky Nimoy Stationery

Invitation Inspiration: Cast A Spell Invitation

At your next PowerPoint night, look into your friends’ futures by creating a silly and uplifting psychic slideshow on where they’ll be in 10 years. Alternatively, you can make a presentation assessing the accuracy of each person’s zodiac sign — whether they’re a fiery Aries or a serene Aquarius.

16. Iconic Celebrity Couples

Compile a ranking of the most iconic celebrity couples from Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart to Beyonce and Jay Z. You can even make a slideshow of the most doomed celebrity couples or the ones with the best nicknames like Bennifer.

17. Red Flag Crushes

At your next in-person or virtual hangout, plan a PowerPoint party where you highlight your friend’s crushes and their obvious red flags. Have a ball giggling at the signs you should have seen or reminiscing about silly crushes from years ago.

18. Love Languages

Create a slideshow featuring the different love languages and which ones apply to each guest. You can also play this one with a significant other to delve into your personal approaches and find fun ways to meet each other’s needs based on your love languages.

Invite Guests to Join the Fun in Person or Online

With these PowerPoint party ideas, you’re sure to have a fun time laughing and enjoying silly slideshows. From (un)forgettable fashion choices to celebrity comparisons to superhero powers, there are plenty of entertaining presentations that’ll work whether you’re hanging out in person or virtually.

When you’re ready to invite guests, send fun digital invitations via email, text, or social media. Choose a design to match your theme and easily customize any template in just a few clicks. It really is that easy!