Two open house invitations with a spring of greenery and a wood trivet

Leave your arms and doors wide open, because you have an open house to plan. An open house isn’t limited to any one event or milestone. In fact, it can be for personal or business purposes and hosted at your home address, place of employment, or even on your neighborhood block. Whatever the occasion, you’ll need to send out an open house invitation to welcome friends, neighbors, vendors, and colleagues to the event.

So, what’s the difference between an open house and a more traditional party? An open house implies guests can come and go as they please within a specified window of time. No one arrives “fashionably late” at an open house (great news to your typically-tardy friends), and there is no set agenda. Friends and neighbors can arrive whatever time suits them, enjoy snacks or a beverage, and mingle with other guests.

You can throw an open house for your business’s grand opening and holiday party or for a relative’s high school graduation. Below, you’ll find 10 of our favorite open house invitations fit for a number of celebrations.

10 Open House Invitations to Welcome Guests

A housewarming party is like a vacation: It can be for business, pleasure, or both. So whether you throw an open house that doubles as a housewarming party or want the best invitation to celebrate five years in business, you’ll find a party invitation to match your plans.

1. Classic Home Invitation

Classic Home open house invitation from Greenvelope

Design: Claudia Owen

Excuse us, what’s this? Did someone have a major #adulting moment recently? Just one open house made you feel quite at home, and you decided to make it official. You called your real estate agent, then the lender, then signed on the dotted line, making you an official homeowner.

And even though your only “furniture” is unopened cardboard boxes, you want to bring your friends and neighbors over to break in your new digs. Customize this open house invitation template with your newly updated address, and fill your new place with familiar faces.

2. Grand Gold Invitation

Grand Gold open house invitation from Greenvelope

Design: Kate Ahn Design

After quite a few late nights and a pint’s worth of elbow grease, your grand opening is just around the corner. With keys in hand and the lights finally on (thank goodness), you’re ready to roll out the not-quite-red carpet to officially launch your business.

Invite over your favorite clients, ride-or-die supporters, and all-time biggest cheerleaders as you open your doors. This luxurious, gold foil business invitation is fit for your show-stopping, mic-dropping, business event.

3. Greenery Frame Invitation

Greenery Frame open house invitation from Greenvelope

Design: Jessica Williams

Let’s explain something you already know: No one has free time during the holidays. Every calendar is packed with end-of-year deadlines, family obligations, and enough white elephant parties for you to regift the same present six times over.

So rather than throw a holiday party with a set agenda, allow your loved ones to come and go as they please. This holiday invitation is appropriate for either an intimate Christmas open house at home or a professional open house party at the office.

4. Come On In Card

Come On In open house invitation from Greenvelope

Design: Frau Brandt

Lights? Check. Signage? Check. Plumbing? Omigoodness your prayers are answered, check. You are officially open for business, and it’s time to welcome old colleagues and (hopefully) new customers through your doors.

This business card design is incredibly versatile. You can easily customize the wording for a grand opening, business anniversary, or holiday party invitation.

5. Marble Toast Save the Date

Marble Toast open house invitation from Greenvelope

Design: Shari Margolin Design

Raise your glasses, because you and your colleagues just moved into a new office. Spread selfies across social media, share the good news in your newsletter, and send out this event invitation to welcome vendors, partners, and clients over to the new space. Get ready to loosen those ties, pour a few after-work cocktails, and prop the door open — it’s time you toast to your new office.

6. Open House Frame Invitation

Open House Frame invitation from Greenvelope

Design: Jessica Williams

While this template currently veers toward a business celebration, its simple, minimalist design would work beautifully for a graduation party or other personal event. To transform it into a graduation invitation, use Greenvelope’s easy customization tool to add the name of your hardworking grad as well as the time, date, and location of the party. Customize the color scheme according to their school stripes, and send this out to friends, classmates, and family members.

7. Tree Pattern Invitation

Tree Pattern open house invitation from Greenvelope

Design: Claudia Owen

String up the holiday lights and pop bottles of champagne to prepare for the New Year. As December winds down and you count your blessings and good fortune, it’s time to celebrate with the friends, colleagues, and other supporters that helped make it happen.

Whether you’re sending out Christmas party invitations for a gathering at home or inviting colleagues and clients over for an office holiday party, this holiday card is both festive and professional. Customize the invitation design with your party details, and send it out to those who made this year memorable.

8. Grid and Banner Announcement

Grid and Banner open house invitation from Greenvelope

Signature Greenvelope

If you’re in the real estate business, you’ll certainly appreciate this open house invitation. You could be selling your first home or your 22nd, but this card ensures you’ll have plenty of house hunters checking out the digs.

Customize the invitation with alluring photos from the home’s interior and exterior, and embellish the text with several coveted amenities. There are plenty of people out there looking for their dream home, and you’ll make sure they find it.

9. Corner Ribbon Invitation

Corner Ribbon open house invitation from Greenvelope

Design: Claudia Owen

Grab the largest pair of scissors you own, because there’s a certain ribbon that’s in need of cutting. Fit for product launches, opening nights, or a grand opening, this open house invitation represents the symbolic ribbon-cutting ceremony.

It doesn’t matter whether your big reveal includes a few close friends or an all-out gala. What matters is that all your loved ones are there to witness it and toast to your success.

10. Chic Party Invitation

Chic Party open house invitation from Greenvelope

Design: Jessica Williams

We said it at the beginning of this post, and we’ll say it once again: An open house isn’t limited to any one celebration. An open house is an easy way to welcome, show thanks, and enjoy the company of neighbors, business partners, and biggest supporters.

This card lets each of your biggest fans and best allies know it’s time to party. With bold colors and gold foil text, it invites everyone over for an evening of laughter, drinks, and celebration.

There Are Many Reasons You May Need an Open House Invitation

And there are even more ways to celebrate.

You could be sending someone off to college, making your career dreams come true, or planning an end-of-year holiday party. It doesn’t matter really matter how or where you celebrate. It matters who you celebrate with.

We can’t prop the door open for you, and we won’t be there to pass out champagne on your behalf. We can, however, make sure all your loved ones are there to click glasses with you. Using our easy, advanced guest tracking system, simply upload a CSV file of your guests, customize your design template, then fire off your invitations in just a few clicks.

All that’s left is to leave the doors unlocked before the party starts.