A woman looks around her new kitchen

You’ve waited your whole life to decorate your home. You thought about painting the walls your favorite shade of gray, picking out a new backsplash for the kitchen, and decorating the new mantel. And now, it’s real — keys in your hand, lease or mortgage signed, name printed on the mailbox — you can’t wait to break in the place. The next step? Sending out those housewarming party invitations and getting your family, friends, and new neighbors over to scope out the new digs.

There are so many reasons to celebrate a new home. You can hang up photographs of your loved ones to turn that plain, white wall into a montage of all the things that make you happy. You can buy that gorgeous velvet ottoman you’ve been eyeing. And you can keep your favorite, fancy beer stocked in the fridge because you’re an adult like that — and have the freshly signed lease or mortgage to prove it.

To make your house (or apartment, condo, or townhouse — you get our drift) feel like home, fill it with the people you love most. Here are 10 fun housewarming party invitations to help you do just that.

10 Housewarming Party Invitations to Break In the New Digs

Now that you’ve moved in, you can’t wait to have your friends and family check out your new place. To gather your loved ones together under your new roof, send out one of these housewarming invitations to say, “Join us in making our new house feel like home!”

1. You’re Invited Invitation

You're Invited housewarming party invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Elizabeth Silver

Break out the matching dishware because the first room you’re going to break in just happens to be the kitchen. As this housewarming party invite implies, try whipping up a home-cooked meal for you and all your friends. No furniture? No problem. You can get cozy sitting cross legged on the living room rug. After all, there’s no need to set down any coasters if you’re not seated at the table, right?

2. Moving Directions Invitation

Moving Directions housewarming party invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Shari Margolin Design

You could not be more excited about your new home, but your friends are going to have to grow used to its location. To help some of your more — how should we put this — directionally challenged friends learn your whereabouts, try sending them this housewarming greeting card.

All your friends and family will likely be coming from different places, try including directions from major highways or landmarks. And if you have a few sneaky tips as to the best street parking in your new ‘hood (or a little-known shortcut), include that too.

3. Bottled Happy Hour Invitation

Bottled Happy Hour housewarming party invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Shari Margolin Design

Hey, there’s no reason why house parties had to go out with your undergrad days. Now that you own (isn’t it fun to say that word?) your own place, you can throw a seriously upgraded house party.

You’ll provide craft beer instead of kegs and homemade cocktails instead of spiked punch, and you won’t even allow your gaze to drop to the bottom shelf at the liquor store. To say “cheers!” to your new place, send out this house party invitation to your best friends — both old and new.

4. Cheese Board Dream Invitation

Cheese Board Dream housewarming party invitations from Greenvelope

Design: frau brandt

From the first time you touched the keys to your new front door, you dreamt about your first open house. Now with your new living room set officially delivered and arranged just so, it’s time to open that front door to family, friends, and neighbors.

To give a little nod to the sophisticated, totally elegant style of your new home, you’re picturing an upscale party. So waltz right over to the expensive cheese wheels and pop open a bottle of that $20 wine (what a splurge!), because tonight you’re toasting to home sweet home.

5. Cute Gingham Invitation

Cute Gingham housewarming party invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Ashley Ottinger

Signing your mortgage or lease was the most #adulting thing you’ve ever done (you can take that one to the bank, literally). But even still, you’re never going to be one to wear a cute little apron, know which fork goes with which dish, or differentiate between various wash cycles.

To poke a little fun at your new domicile, yet unapologetically undomesticated self, send out this gingham housewarming invitation. It’s perfect for an outdoor BBQ on your patio that will, without question, be catered from the neighborhood spot up the street.

6. Cheers & Beers Invitation

Cheers & Beers housewarming party invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Clementine Creative

You know, some groups of friends throw cocktail parties, but you’re more sit-in-yoga-pants-and-crack-open-a-cold-one kinda people. And you can think of no better way to break in your new condo than by inviting your BFFs over for a chill evening, six packs in tow.

To ensure your new neighbors don’t feel left out of the fun, maybe knock on a few doors down the hall. Introduce yourself to your new neighbors, invite them over, and assure them that your pals are bringing enough beer to go around.

7. Home Sweet Home Invitation

Home Sweet Home housewarming party invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Olivia Raufman

From the moment your real estate agent showed you your now-home, you knew it was meant to be. There was no second guessing, no wondering if someone else would steal it out from under you — no, your new house always felt right.

To celebrate you and your new home ownership, you’re not looking for anything over the top, just a quiet night in with your friends and family. Send this simple housewarming party invite out to your inner circle, and personalize it with your new address, your contact information, and any details your guest needs to know.

8. Welcome Palms Invitation

Welcome Palms housewarming party invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Molly My

Being a homeowner has always been one of your biggest goals in life. Now that you have officially checked that box, you’re ready to tackle your next one: Keeping a houseplant alive.

Using this botanical invitation card to get the word out, throw a plant party in your new home. Serve a continental breakfast or brunch, then stretch your green thumb skills with your friends and family.

Gather around the table, with potting soil, gloves, and water in the center, calling out instructions on how to pot your own plant (or succulent). For your invitation wording, make it clear that you’ll provide the soil and water, but it’s BYO as far as pots and plants go.

9. Farmhouse Chic Invitation

Farm House Chic housewarming party invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Jen Montgomery

You may use the oven in your new apartment for storage, but that’s not going to stop you from hosting a dinner party in your new home. Call all your favorite restaurants that offer free delivery, then send out these housewarming dinner invitations to all your friends and family. Beautifully designed with chalkboard illustrations, it’s the ideal complement to your first not-home-cooked meal.

10. Goodnight Home Invitation

Goodnight Home housewarming party invitations from Greenvelope

Design: A Fresh Bunch


You have a new place to lay your head at night, but you won’t sleep soundly until all your friends have seen it. This housewarming invitation has a beautiful, watercolor design that will make all of your friends feel welcome in your new home.

To make this a little bit fun, tell your guests to come over in their PJs for a night of movies and popcorn (on your new sofa, of course). Or if you’re still waiting for the new furniture to arrive, hint that they should come dressed in yoga pants with a pillow to sit on for added comfort.

With Greenvelope, Sending Housewarming Invitations Has Never Been Easier

Sending online invitations through Greenvelope makes planning your housewarming party incredibly easy. With Greenvelope, there’s no need to enclose an extra RSVP card, or text friends and family about whether they received your invite. Using Greenvelope’s advanced guest list management, you’ll know when your loved ones receive, open, and respond to your invite.

Plus, since your friends move as much as you used to, there’s no need to print new address labels. Simply upload everyone’s email addresses via a CSV file, and your housewarming invite lands in their inboxes in minutes.

With Greenvelope, the hardest part of the housewarming process is simply deciding which design to customize. Choose from dozens of photo cards, illustrated cards, and other invitations to welcome your loved ones into your new home.