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Retirement is such a wonderful moment in someone’s life. They’ve given so much to a company or career, and now it’s time for them to take things easy, relax, or embark on a new adventure. To share your excitement and joy for the retiree, here are some great ways to say “Congratulations on your retirement!” You’ll also find some thoughtful gift ideas they’ll love. 

What to Write in a Retirement Card

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It’s not every day that someone you work with or someone close to you retires. If you’re not sure what to write inside a retirement card, here are some ideas to get you started. 

Congratulate the Retiree

Take a moment to congratulate the retiree on everything they’ve achieved so far. Let them know you think they’ve had an impressive career, made an amazing contribution to their industry, and really changed their workplace for the better.

You can also use this as an opportunity to compliment them on their achievements, approach, or manner. If a coworker or boss is retiring, you could thank them for the way they’ve helped you with your own career, or note how they’ve been a truly great mentor. If a family member is retiring, compliment them on their long and successful career and how proud you feel. 

Look Back on Fond (or Funny) Memories

Retirement is a time of reflection for many, with the retiree looking back at their career and achievements. Follow suit by using your congratulations message to reflect on fond or funny memories you share with them. 

You could bring up the time when they had a fantastic fundraising idea and raised money for a local cause, or when they supported you through a tough time. If you know their sense of humor, you could look back on a funny memory — like when they spilled coffee on their shirt right before a meeting, or embarrassed themselves in front of a customer. 

Wish Them Well for the Future

Just as one chapter of their life is closing, another is beginning. Your beloved retiree is heading into a different way of life and it’s time to wish them well.

If you know what the retiree is looking forward to or doing next, you can personalize your message. Congratulate them on starting a business and wish them well for the future, or say that you hope they have a wonderful adventure spending more time with their family. If you’re not sure what they have planned, you can keep it simple and wish them all the best. 

How to Say “Congratulations on Your Retirement!”

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Knowing what to write in a greeting card or say at a retirement party isn’t always easy — especially if the retiree is a coworker you don’t know too well. Whether you keep your congratulations message short and sweet or write something in-depth, here are some ideas to help you find the right words. 

Simple Retirement Messages 

It’s time to send those well wishes to the happy retiree. To keep things simple, consider these wording ideas: 

  • Happy retirement, [Name]! You’ve earned it.
  • Congrats on your retirement! Enjoy this new chapter.
  • Wishing you good health for the future.
  • Sending happy retirement wishes your way, [Name]!
  • Have a wonderful retirement, [Name]!
  • Wishing you a happy and healthy retirement — have fun! 

Congratulations Messages to Your Boss

If your boss is retiring, you may want to express how they played a special role in your career and how it’ll be tough for someone to fill their shoes. Here are a few simple ways to congratulate a boss and wish them well for the future:

  • Best wishes for the future, [Name]. You’ll always be the boss. Thank you for everything! 
  • Good luck with the next chapter of your life, [Name]. You’ll be missed by us all.
  • Can’t believe you’re leaving to become your own boss! As someone who knows, you’ll be great at it. 
  • Best of luck with your new journey, [Name]. It’s been a pleasure having you as my boss.

Retirement Wishes for a Coworker

It’s hard to say goodbye to a coworker you’ve really enjoyed working with. To help ease the pain, here are some lovely words you can share with them in a retirement card:

  • Thanks so much for all your hard work at [Company], [Name]! I couldn’t have gotten through it without you.
  • Have fun on all your new adventures. We’ll miss you so much! 
  • It won’t be the same without you here, [Name]. Best wishes for the new chapter of your life.
  • [Name], you’re one of the hardest workers I know. Enjoy your retirement in comfort — you deserve it! 

Retirement Congratulations to a Family Member or Good Friend

You don’t have to work with the retiree to send them a congratulations card. Sometimes you’ll want to send one to a loved one or close friend who’s retiring. Here are some wording ideas to help share the joy:

  • Have the best retirement ever, [Name]! We can’t wait to see more of you. 
  • Congratulations on your retirement, [relation] — there’s nobody who deserves it more. 
  • So glad it’s retirement time, Grandpa/Grandma! All of us grandkids are excited to spend more time with you. 
  • Happy retirement, [Name]! Hope you enjoy all the free time — we’ll stop by for afternoon tea soon. 
  • Congrats on your retirement, [relation]. Now you have all the time in the world to pursue [hobby].

Funny Retirement Congratulations Messages

If you’re on good terms and know they’ll enjoy it, have a little fun with your “congratulations on your retirement” message. Here are some light, fun wording ideas to sprinkle some laughter into the proceedings:

  • Have fun with the next chapter of your life — let’s hope it’s better than the last one! 
  • Ready to say “hello pension,” [Name]? Congratulations!
  • Happy retirement day! Time to exercise that newfound freedom to nap, sip tea, and read the paper. 
  • Welcome to retired life, [Name]! It’s not all it’s cracked up to be — unless you enjoy doing whatever the heck you want! 
  • Here’s to your extended coffee break, [Name]! 

Retirement Gift Ideas

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Sometimes you’ll want to send a thoughtful gift alongside your well wishes. Perhaps you’ll join forces with others to send a group gift, or send a sweet individual gift to congratulate the retiree on their achievements. Whatever you choose, here are some retirement gift ideas they’re sure to love. 

Thoughtful Personalized Gifts 

Personalized gifts make wonderful mementos for retirement — especially if you opt for something traditional that they can keep as a reminder of your time together. 

You could get a beautiful watch engraved with their name and a sweet message, or you could give the gift of personalized jewelry, stationery, or housewares instead. Another popular option is to create a gift trophy or medal for the retiree to commemorate their work. 

Hobby Gifts

Often people have more time to enjoy their hobbies once they retire, so this is the perfect opportunity to give them something special that relates to their interests. 

Popular choices here include accessories for sports like golf, walking, or tennis. You could also give craft supplies if the retiree loves to make things, or an e-reader or tablet if they enjoy curling up with a good book. 

Gift Card

If you’re not sure what to give as a gift or you want your friend or coworker to have freedom of choice, a gift card is always a lovely retirement gift option. 

With a gift card, they’re free to spend your thoughtful contribution on whatever they please. They might choose to buy something for their home, or take their family out for a treat. If you’re sending a digital card with Greenvelope, you now have the option to add a gift card to your order. This means you can easily combine your thoughtful message with a gift.

Say “Congratulations on Your Retirement” in Style

Your retiree friend or coworker is about to step into a new phase of their life — one with more freedom and time to pursue the things they love. We hope this guide has helped you put your joy for them into words, so you can congratulate them on a job well done and celebrate all they’ve achieved.