Class reunion ideas: class reunion invitation cards

Planning a high school reunion is an exciting time — you get to meet up with old classmates and reminisce about the good ol’ times. And with the right class reunion ideas, you can plan and host yet another memorable day for everyone involved.

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next class reunion, keep on reading. In this guide, we’ll share our top class reunion ideas so you can plan the kind of party your former classmates won’t want to miss.

12 Fun Class Reunion Ideas to Bring Everyone Together

Ready to start planning the best class reunion ever? Use these high school reunion ideas to put together the most amazing get-together — whether it’s a recreation of a high school disco party or a more relaxed gathering to celebrate everyone’s successes in life.

1. Make It Collaborative

Reunion planning can be time-consuming, so it makes sense to gather a planning committee if you can. Not only is this a great way to get former classmates involved and give them a more “hands-on” experience, but it also means less work for you!

Create an all-star team of former classmates who can help you plan the best reunion ever. Make a to-do list and assign tasks to everyone, making sure that everything’s covered and everyone has something to do.

2. Use Themed Reunion Party Invitations

Class reunion ideas: Contemporary Reunion Invitation

Design: Holly Whitcomb

Invitation Inspiration: Contemporary Reunion Invitation

When it’s time to start inviting your former classmates to the celebration, use our themed class reunion invitations to do it. Every design can be customized, so you can create one-of-a-kind invites to match your reunion party theme and details.

Browse through our collection of online invitations until you find one you like, then change the layout, fonts, colors, and photos to make it your own. Add your own event wording, along with the essentials like the party date, time, and venue.

Not only are our digital invites easy to design and send, but they make tracking RSVPs easy, too. Your guests can accept or decline in just a few clicks, and you can easily see your RSVP list in one place. No more chasing guests for acceptances or losing track of who is attending.

3. Prepare Name Tags

If it’s been a while since your old classmates last saw each other, it can be tough to remember what everyone looks like! Make sure you prepare name tags for everyone so there’s no confusion over who is who.

In fact, with Greenvelope, you can generate name tags from your online invitation guest list. In addition to your former classmate’s name, you could also include the nickname they were known by to make identifying everyone even easier.

4. Plan Some Icebreakers

Striking up a conversation with someone isn’t always easy, even if you used to run around with them in high school. Create opportunities for conversation and make it easier for all the introverts to get involved with some fun icebreakers.

Popular icebreakers like a game of “Would you rather?” or “This or That” can be a good way to encourage conversation and loosen everyone up, making the event easier to enjoy. Host these games as a group, or leave some game prompts out on a table for people to pick up and try on their own.

5. Use Your High School Colors

Reunion Script Invitation

Design: Ashley Ottinger

Matching invite: Reunion Script Invitation

Make it easy to come up with a party theme and color scheme by reusing your high school colors and school logo in your class reunion decorations. This is a favorite tip for high school graduation parties, and it works just as well for reunions, too.

With the color scheme decided, you can get straight to picking out party decorations and tableware. Look for streamers, balloons, table decorations, and other party decor pieces that suit your event — and get some personalized class reunion banners made to welcome everyone to the gathering. If you’re feeling creative, make some DIY party decorations for the celebration.

6. Bring In Your High School Mascot

If using your high school colors isn’t enough, take it a step further and put your school mascot front and center at the event. It’s a fun callback to your high school years.

Invite the original school mascot to come along and give a performance, or use the image of your mascot to create banners, posters, and other party decor. Time to spread some school spirit!

7. Review Old High School Yearbooks

Remember when your yearbook photo used to be a big deal? Relive those moments and reflect on your high school years with old friends by looking through your old school yearbooks.

Ask everyone to bring along their favorite yearbook and have a collection of them ready for guests to look through. Review your old school photos, laugh at your terrible fashion choices, and celebrate how far you’ve come since those days. For some bonus fun, set up a photo booth and create your own class reunion yearbook!

8. Go Retro with a Throwback Dance Party

Disco Dance Party Invitation

Design: Owl and Toad

Invitation Inspiration: Disco Dance Party Invitation

High school dances are the place where lots of memories are made. Relive those days of jumping on the dance floor with your friends and hearing your favorite songs with a throwback dance party.

This dance theme party idea is perfect for a class reunion. Create a playlist of your old school favorites, decorate the space inspired by the decade you were in high school, and invite everyone to make some moves on the dancefloor.

9. Play Reunion Games

It’s not a celebration without some party games, and luckily there are plenty of themed games to choose from when it comes to your class reunion. Plan some fun party games to play together and make the event come alive.

Some of the best class reunion party games are the simplest. Plan a trivia quiz about your high school days, a “guess who” bingo with photos from then and now, or a scavenger hunt with clues inspired by your former classmates.

10. Create a Photo Slideshow

It’s time to relive those memories from your graduating class! Take a trip down memory lane and create a photo or video slideshow of your memories and experiences from the start of high school until now.

This is a chance to get everyone involved in the reunion by sending in their favorite photos. Ask people for their most-loved moments and funny stories, too, and include them as part of the slideshow presentation.

11. Host a Relaxed Brunch

Champagne Brunch Invitation

Design: Lisa Travis

Invitation Inspiration: Champagne Brunch Invitation

While we love a dance party, we know they’re not for everyone — especially if you want to simply hang out and talk. As a calm but still fun alternative, try planning a reunion brunch instead of an evening get-together.

Swap the loud music and dancing for a relaxing playlist at your favorite brunch spot, and invite your high school classmates for a delicious morning of breakfast treats and mimosas to toast to everybody’s accomplishments.

12. Hand Out Fun Party Favors

When it’s time to say goodbye to your former classmates again for another year, don’t let them leave without some themed party favors. This is the perfect opportunity to hand out personalized party favors with your graduation year or reunion year on them.

Get some T-shirts printed with your graduation year and the date of your class reunion on them, or create a collection of mugs, glasses, or tote bags. Bake some cookies or cupcakes and decorate them to match your party theme, and hand them out alongside a thank you note to guests as they leave.

Plan a Memorable High School Reunion with These Party Ideas

A class reunion doesn’t happen every day, so take the time to plan something special for everyone to enjoy. Use these ideas and tips to help make your next reunion even better than your last one!

To get your guests excited to RSVP yes, use our class reunion invites to spread the word about the big party. Choose a design, customize it, send it to your guests via email or SMS, and watch those RSVPs come flying in.