Candy themed birthday party: people holding candy lollipops while dancing at a party

If you’ve ever been to a candy-themed birthday party, you know this theme is a rush of sweet accents and colorful treats. From vibrant, multi-colored candy lollipops to tufts of pink cotton candy, it’s a fun way to celebrate no matter how old you are. 

To help you plan a candy-themed birthday party, we’ve put together this list of crafty ideas for party decorations, food, and fun. Plus, we’ve highlighted matching invitations you can send to guests so they can start counting down the days to your special event.

16 Sweet Candy-Themed Birthday Party Ideas

Candy themed birthday party: kids happily looking at a sparkler candle on a cake

Ready to plan a memorable birthday party? Here, you’ll find top tips for party decorations, food, and games to pull off an oh-so-sweet celebration whether you’re hosting an adult shindig or a kids’ birthday party.

1. Take Traditional Party Supplies to the Next Level

No birthday party is complete without balloons, streamers, and confetti. Turn them into stars of your candy-themed decor by choosing each one in a wide range of hues. Go for soft pastel colors for a sweet celebration for a child or choose bold, vibrant hues for an adult birthday party

Grab a mix of balloons in all colors of the rainbow and turn them into candy balloons by wrapping them in cellophane and twisting the ends. Pair them with streamers that hang down to add a touch of whimsy. On your tables, toss around colorful confetti — choose metallic varieties for extra oomph.

2. Create Magical Seating

Whether you’re renting chairs or using your own, seating can become part of your birthday party decorations. Simply dress up the chairs by tying colorful ribbons around the back. You can then insert lollipops in the nooks of the ribbon and offer guests to take home these sweet treats at the end of the party. 

3. Craft Chic Centerpieces

Candy themed birthday party: Carnival Party Invitation

Design: Paper Raven Co.

Make your venue look like a candy shop with chic centerpieces that match the theme. Giant ice cream cones, vases filled with colorful flowers, and giant lollipops are all great ideas. Take the sweet factor up a notch by filling vases with a variety of candies and add string lights for magical ambiance.

Want to get your guests eagerly waiting for the big day? Use a design like the Carnival Party Invitation to ask guests to attend a 1st birthday, girl’s birthday, or similar celebration. It boasts fluffy cotton candy on a customizable, colorful background.

4. Get a Colorful Tablecloth

A colorful tablecloth is an easy way to step up this sweet theme. Look for one that has giant lollipops on it or an array of different candies. If you can’t find a specialty candy tablecloth, you can choose one that offers stripes or polka dots in multiple colors. 

Elevate the look with cloth napkins and metallic tableware. Rose gold serving ware adds a touch of glam and warmth while the cool look of black metallic tableware lends a moody and modern feel.

5. Greet Guests With a Giant Lollipop Arch

Whimsical Cake Invitation

Design: Anna K Design

A DIY balloon arch is a fantastic entryway for your candy-themed birthday party. All you need are a couple of pool noodles to create two giant lollipop sticks. Next, tie a bunch of balloons together on top to make it look like a colorful lollipop. You can add balloon garland to hang in between the two lollipop posts for even more of a wow factor. 

Use the Whimsical Cake Invitation, featuring a pastel-colored cake adorned by peppermint candies, to invite guests to your sensational soiree.

6. Use a Candy Land Party Theme

For your sweet soiree, why not go retro and make it a Candy Land-themed birthday party? Take a trip back to your childhood by paying homage to this colorful board game featuring a map that leads to a magical kingdom of sweets. For a more immersive kid’s birthday party experience, create a trail on the floor using different colored felt as part of your party decor. Lay out the pieces as a path that leads kids to the food tables and game areas.

7. Set Up a Candy-Themed Photo Booth

Snap sweet memories of all your guests with a themed photo booth. Add props like giant cut-outs in the shape of lollipops, ice cream cones, cotton candy, and other sweet treats along with colorful sunglasses and balloons. You can take a striped pool noodle, roll it up, and wrap it in cellophane to make it look like peppermint candy!

8. Sip Sweet Beverages With Festive Straws

Rainbow Sprinkles Invitation

Design: Colin Cowie

Elevate your decor by adding colorful striped straws to your drink station. Serve drinks in painted mason jars or colored glassware to match the theme. For even more fun, set out a bowl of sprinkles that guests can use to top festive drinks like hot chocolate. 

Let guests know what they’re in for with a design like the Rainbow Sprinkles Invitation, which features a modern frame and colorful sprinkles in four artist-curated color palettes.

9. Build a Craft Cocktail Bar

For an adult birthday party, set up a fabulous cocktail bar with craft drinks. (It’s functional and also serves as birthday decor.) Stack sugary treats on the shelves of the bar to build on the theme. Tie floating candy balloons to the bar and name your drinks — like Mr. Lemonhead’s spiked lemonade — for a clever spin on classic candies.

10. Make a Rainbow Candy Station

Gumball Machine Invitation

Design: Annie Montgomery Design

Turn your venue into a sweet shop by displaying a variety of sweet treats in clear glass jars or glass candy dispensers. This colorful (and edible) work of art adds a punch of color when arranged like a rainbow and makes it easy for guests to grab sweets. Invite guests to your shindig with the Gumball Machine Invitation featuring a nostalgic gumball dispenser and two colorful background options.

11. Add Candy-Inspired Labels to Your Food Display

What’s more fun than colorful sweet treats? Treats that have crafty names! Use colorful cards to add signs to your food display. Write things like Lady Laffy Taffy’s cupcakes, Princess Peppermint’s peanut brittle, DOTS gumdrop donuts, and King’s chocolate kisses to play up your candy theme.

12. Make It a Costume Party

Get your guests in on the fun by letting them know it’s time to suit up for sweets. When sending your digital invitations, you can easily add a dress code for the event. You can adapt the candy theme dress code however you like. For example, encourage everyone to dress up in rainbow colors or ask guests to dress up in their favorite candy colors.

13. Create an Ice Cream Station

Triple Scoop Invitation

Design: Jessica Williams

Want to make things even sweeter for your candy-themed birthday party? Add an ice cream station! Offer a variety of ice cream flavors (including non-dairy options) and candy toppings like fresh fruit, sprinkles, nuts, and syrup. Invite guests with the adorable Triple Scoop Invitation, which has a photo slot to upload a snap of the happy birthday honoree.

14. Get Competitive With a Candy Eating Competition

Give every guest a Hershey’s bar and see who can down it the fastest. There’s just one catch: participants can’t use their hands to open the wrapper or eat the bar! The person who does it the fastest gets a special prize (and a sugar rush).

15. Have Fun With a Piñata

Have fun taking a swing at a piñata filled with even more sweets! For an adult birthday party, you can also add miniature bottles of hot sauce or booze. Choose a piñata that has multiple colors or in the shape of your favorite candy to match the theme.

16. Show Gratitude With Candy-Themed Party Favors

Stuff goodie bags with giant candy bars, candy necklaces, and other sweet treats to show guests how much you appreciate them attending your birthday party. You can also make favor boxes filled with lollipops, stickers, and other treats.

Have a Sweet Celebration 

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The candy theme isn’t just for birthday parties, either. Use this theme to add vibrant vibes to everything from baby showers to Christmas holiday parties. It’s perfect for candy-themed birthday parties, lollipop parties, and more.