A woodland baby shower invitation surrounded by twigs and plant life

When you found out you would be a parent, you felt all the emotions: happiness, excitement, and — if you’re being honest — the tiniest hint of panic. After all, with a new baby, your life is about to change. As a parent-to-be, you know order and plans will fly out the window, but you’re ready to wrap your arms around the ensuing chaos. To welcome the wild turn your life will take, you’re sending out woodland baby shower invitations to all your friends and family.

To give a subtle nod to your growing family tree, you want a rustic, woodsy vibe for your shower. You’ll throw it outdoors — if the weather allows — and welcome all the animal-themed gifts and keepsakes your friends and family want to give. To help throw the baby shower of your dreams, we’re sharing our favorite woodland baby shower invitations.

12 Woodland Baby Shower Invitations to Start Life on the Wild Side

The countdown is officially on, and your little party animal is about to make their grand appearance. To celebrate their arrival — and stock the nursery — you’re throwing a woodland-themed baby shower with your closest friends and family. Here are invitations to match.

1. Woodland Shower Invitation

Woodland Baby Shower invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Mint Parcel

If you expect your little one to arrive this autumn, this woodland baby shower invitation is a wonderful design. Decorated in acorns, branches, and leaves, this rugged invitation is fit for the fall season. Choose from four different color palettes featuring a selection of oranges, yellows, and blues, or customize the template to suit your taste.

2. Woodland Storytime Invitation

Woodland Storytime baby shower invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Jennifer Wick

Your little one is about to arrive, and with their grand entrance comes a drastic (yet welcome) change to your nightly routine. Gone are the glasses of wine and evenings of binging your favorite TV show. They’ll be replaced with bedtime stories, fuzzy blankets, and lots of cuddling.

This baby shower invite features a collection of woodland animals, surrounded by an oversized storybook. With soft colors, cute illustrations, and fun typography, it’s an adorable representation of the cozy nights to come.

3. Anemone Wreath Invitation

Anemone Wreath woodland baby shower invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Alisa Brainard

Springtime is blooming and your household is rapidly expanding. This light and lively invitation is decorated with a floral wreath and plenty of greenery, while gold, cursive fonts give the template a bit of sophistication. Ideal for an outdoor baby shower welcoming a baby girl (or boy!) born April through June, this delicate invite will be a wonderful compliment to your shower.

4. Woodland Birthday Invitation

Woodland Birthday baby shower invitations from Greenvelope

Design: PrettyMeJoy

Is this card designed as a birthday invitation? 100%. But could you personalize it for a baby shower? Of course!

Using Greenvelope’s easy customization tool, simply change the invitation to read, “Our family is growing!” or “We’re adding a little nut to our family tree!” Then, this squirrel and fox baby shower invitation will delight with cute forest animals, bright colors, and playful text. Simply change the banner to invite people over for a shower (not a birthday party) before sending it out to your friends and loved ones.

5. Baby Sloths Invitation

Baby Sloths woodland baby shower invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Cindy Reynolds Design

You waited. And waited. And when your due date came, you waited a little more. To all the parents who are (im)patiently awaiting the arrival of their little one, this baby sloth invitation could be a humorous fit.

After all, the only thing moving slower than your baby’s arrival is the furry animal featured on the front of this invitation. For a baby shower game, have everyone start a pool predicting the date that your little one will arrive.

6. Cheerful Deer Invitation

Cheerful Deer woodland baby shower invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Colin Cowie

You can barely contain your excitement waiting for your newborn. You carefully prepared the nursery, selecting paint colors, throw pillows, and the most comfortable rocking chair to place in the corner. This adorable deer baby shower invitation fits well with your nursery design, embellished with cute polka dots, a beautiful illustration, and fun-loving fonts. Choose from four gender neutral color palettes or come up with one of your own.

7. Lumberjack Cubs Invitation

Lumberjack Cubs woodland baby shower invitations

Design: Signature Greenvelope

You’re about to welcome a baby boy! Congratulations on expanding your family — we can only imagine what loving parents you’ll be. To prepare for the arrival of your new family member, send out this boy baby shower invitation. With a rustic, weathered background, navy blue accents, and a decorated banner, it’s a delightful fit for your baby shower theme.

8. Get Wild Invitation

Get Wild woodland baby shower invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Robinson Creative House

You may be new parents, but you have zero intention of giving up your wild side. For the parents-to-be who want life to be one, never-ending adventure, send out this jungle-themed shower invitation. Be sure to buy plenty of animal print party supplies, including green balloons (to look like the rainforest) and baby animal napkins, hats, and streamers. Your life may turn into a zoo in the next several months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it.

9. Animal Friends Invitation

Animal Friends woodland baby shower invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Milk and Marrow

Before you know it, mama and papa bear will be daydreaming of sleep, making this woodland animals baby shower invitation a marvelous fit. Featuring sleepy little animals, including a baby panda, raccoon, and rabbit, it’s a beautiful (and soothing) party invitation. If you’re hosting a gender neutral baby shower, you’ll be delighted by the five neutral color palettes, including green, yellow, and coral backgrounds.

10. Watercolor Peonies Invitation

Watercolor Peonies woodland baby shower invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Lissa Anglin

You always loved the outdoors and can’t wait to share your appreciation for Mother Nature with your child. This watercolor invitation is fit for a garden baby shower or outdoor brunch. As you wait for your seedling to arrive, enjoy an afternoon of sipping punch, munching on mini quiches, and getting some much needed vitamin D. Rather than traditional baby shower games, perhaps you and your friend could pot flowers and succulents to add a bit of greenery to the nursery.

11. Safari Mama Invitation

Safari Mama woodland baby shower invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Clementine Creative

You’re about to be a new mama (or papa!), and this invitation can hear you roar. An ivy border hangs from the top while a series of safari animals sits at the bottom, speaking to a wild time. Printed on textured cardstock and enclosed in a bronze envelope, this adorable invitation strikes a balance between simple and luxe design.

12. Little Cub Invitation

Little Cub woodland baby shower invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Melissa Egan Design

Just hold tight mama and papa bear, your little cub is about to arrive. With an invitation as sweet as honey, this is a lovely animal baby shower invitation to send to friends and family. With an adorable teddy bear sitting front and center and floral illustrations mixed throughout, it’s a beautiful design for any proud parent-to-be. Be sure to add a bit of personalization to your invite, listing the time, date, and location of your shower.

Cheers to Welcoming Your Baby Cub

Your life is about to take a dramatic turn — a turn for the absolute best. As your family grows, life will continue to be one, grand adventure. And you’ll navigate the wild twists and turns to the best of your mama-or-papa-bear instincts.

Buckle up, because it’s sure to be a wild ride — one that you wouldn’t consider trading in. Your nest is about to be filled with a brand new baby, and from all of us at Greenvelope, we’d like to extend our congratulations.