Valentine cards kids: mother and daughter making Valentine's cards

Valentine’s Day is coming up and your little (and not-so-little) ones want to celebrate the holiday with their classmates, friends, and family members. Luckily, there are plenty of adorable Valentine cards for kids and fun gift-giving ideas to help them enjoy the holiday.

If you’re searching for classroom Valentine’s Day cards or inspiration for parties, gifts, and activities, you’re in the right place. Discover easy DIY ideas, printable and digital cards, and cute things to do together to celebrate this day of love.

6 DIY and Printable Valentine Cards for Kids

Valentine cards kids: valentine craft supplies

Lots of kids love to color, craft, and design their own greeting cards. If that’s what your little one(s) enjoy, here are some of our favorite printable and DIY Valentine’s cards for kids.

1. Printable Coloring Valentine’s Day Cards

If your kid loves to color, free printable coloring Valentine’s Day cards are ideal. Download the card set file, print copies, and help your child assemble them into cards using cardstock or heavy construction paper. Printing multiple copies is easy, making this a good choice for kids classroom valentine cards — especially for younger children.

2. DIY Heart Bouquet Card

This super sweet DIY heart bouquet card idea is easy for little ones to make with some adult supervision. You only need a few materials, most of which you likely already have at home — construction paper, tissue paper, newspaper, scissors, crayons, and a glue stick. Follow the instructions to create a beautiful flower themed card for Dad, Mom, a friend, teacher, neighbor, or other special person.

3. Pop-Up Valentine’s Day Cards

For a contemporary and more grown-up take on kids’ valentine cards, we love these DIY pop-up cards. The combination of a more in-depth crafting experience and modern look makes this ideal for middle or high school valentine cards. Buy the supplies, give your kids the link to the tutorial, and let them craft their own valentine exchange cards.

4. DIY Tiger Handmade Valentine Card

For a simple yet sweet Valentine’s Day craft idea, try this handmade tiger valentine card. You’ll need just a few simple crafting supplies — colored cardstock, glue, black markers, and scissors — but most of the work is already done for you. Simply print out the tiger template, then cut and stick.

5. Printable Llama Valentine’s Day Cards

Who doesn’t love a llama paired with cute puns? These printable llama-themed cards are a great choice if you want a quick, easy greeting card — perfect for any last-minute classroom exchanges. There are plenty of fun color options available, with space for the card-giver to sign their name.

6. Printable Unicorn Valentine Cards

Share the magic of Valentine’s Day with the help of a cute unicorn. This sweet set of printable unicorn valentine cards is sure to make anyone smile. This no-craft card idea is easy to do — download, print, personalize, and hand out to your little one’s BFFs.

6 More Ways for Kids to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

If you don’t have time to break out the arts and crafts box, don’t worry. There are plenty more ways you can share your love this Valentine’s Day. Here are some of our favorite Valentine’s Day ideas the whole family can enjoy.

1. Send a Digital Valentine’s Day Card

Hearts and Arrows Card

Design: Jen Montgomery

Greeting card idea: Hearts and Arrows Valentine’s Day Card

When you want custom Valentine cards for kids, it doesn’t get more convenient than digital cards. At Greenvelope, we have plenty of online Valentine’s card designs to match any style, sender, or recipient. Send a gorgeous watercolor card with a sweet message to a high school BFF, or a lovely photo card design with a family pic to your closest loved ones.

Every template can be customized, so you can transform the base design into a kids’ Valentine’s Day card that feels unique and personal. Use these digital cards to say “Happy Valentine’s Day, friend” or to send a note of gratitude to your loved ones near and far.

2. Bake Together

If you love to bake or simply want a fun way to mark the holiday, grab a cookbook or find a recipe for Valentine’s Day cookies or cupcakes. Gather the ingredients, find a heart-shaped cookie cutter or cupcake toppers, and get baking.

Not only is baking together a great family activity for little ones and older kids but they also make cute valentine gifts. Package your cookies, cupcakes, or donuts in a bag or box, tie some ribbon around it, and hand them out as gifts to loved ones, teachers, or neighbors.

3. Give a Small Valentine’s Day Gift

Aloe You Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Greeting card idea: Aloe You Card

If you’re looking for something to pair with a thoughtful Valentine’s Day card, a small gift is a lovely idea. Naturally, the type of gift you give depends on the age of the recipient and your budget but there are plenty of wonderful options.

Some of the best small Valentine’s Day gift ideas for kids include stickers, notebooks, crayons, and other stationery items. Lollipops, snacks, and chocolate all make great gift ideas too. If you’re sending a digital card from Greenvelope, you could even add a gift card and send it instantly — no need for crafting, heading to the store, or waiting in line at the post office.

4. Dress Up in Themed Outfits

For the cutest way to celebrate the holiday, dress up as a family. This isn’t something you can only do on Halloween — it’s an adorable way to make Valentine’s Day feel special too.

Choose a theme for everyone to dress up in — like Disney princesses, Star Wars characters, adorable animals, or anything that your kid loves. Take some photos together and upload them to your digital Valentine’s Day greeting cards to share with loved ones.

5. Host a Valentine’s Day Party

Valentines Party Invitation

Design: PrettyMeJoy

Invitation idea: Valentine’s Party Invitation

Another great way to mark the holiday is by hosting a party. You could host a Valentine’s Day party just for your close family, or invite friends, classmates, or the entire neighborhood.

Choose a party theme, add fun decor, and plan a few activities that everyone can enjoy like karaoke and kid-friendly games. Put together sweet party favors to say thank you and spread that holiday joy a little further.

6. Make a List of Things You Love

Not everyone loves to craft or bake, and that’s totally fine. If your children prefer to write things down or enjoy journaling, this activity idea might be perfect.

Ask your kids to grab a pen and make a list of all the things they love. Encourage them to write down big things, small things, people, foods, video games, hobbies, and anything else that makes them smile. By the end of the activity they’ll have a lasting reminder of everything that brings them joy — not just on Valentine’s Day but all year round.

Create a Fun Experience for Your Kids This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to encourage your kids to focus on who and what they care about. Whether you’re crafting Valentine cards for kids or planning a party, there are lots of ways to celebrate and share the love.

And speaking of sharing the love, why not extend it to the planet? For an eco-friendly alternative to printing and sending cards, try our collection of paper-free digital Valentine’s Day cards. They’re fun (and easy) to customize, giving you and your child a chance to be creative without any mess to clean up. That’s a happy Valentine’s Day indeed!