We know everyone is talking about “back-to-school”, but summer’s not over yet. Here are six fun party themes to throw before the first leaf falls:

1. Camping: for real or just in your own backyard–is a great way to enjoy the warmer nights and starry skies.  Essential activities include roasting marshmallows and making S’Mores, sharing stories (both spooky and sentimental), playing flashlight tag, and snuggling under shared blankets. Surprise your guests with a farewell gift…a bag of homemade trail mix.

Must haves:

camping summer party

  1. Flavored Chocolate for S’mores: try Vanilla or Coffee & Cream from Theo Chocolate
  2. Pendleton Blanket: lay on it, roll it, carry it.
  3. Bandit Wine: Eco-smart cartons are extra light
  4. Fall Foliage invite
  5. Outdoor Activites. Glow in the dark frisbee? Done.
  6. Jawbone JAMBOX: bring the beats with a wireless bluetooth speaker

2. Beach Party: Bring out the long tables and create a drink and food bar for some crazy, delicious, fun.  Upbeat music is a must and so are beach balls.  Make sure there are plenty of chairs for your guests to sit, relax, and soak in some vitamin D.  Have even more fun by throwing a themed party.  Luau anyone?

Must haves:

beach summer party

  1. Square One Cucumber Vodka: Mix it with soda or juice… refreshing, boozy, delightful.
  2. Surf’s Up, dude.
  3. Warby Parker shades: so hot right now.
  4. Jane Iredale powdered sunscreen: stay looking fresh while keeping your skin safe. Win-win!
  5. Beach by Bobbi Brown: light & happy for a day by the water.
  6. To Da Beach invitation
  7. Tkees Gold Flip Flops: equal parts casual & glam.

3. Lobster/Crab Bake: gather the essential ingredients including live lobsters or crab, New England steamer clams, mussels, potatoes, corn, and onions.  Seat your guests at a long coffee table with pillows as seats. Don’t forget the best part, the little details! Add a faded blue or red table runner and brighten up the table with sunflower centerpieces. And of course, don’t forget some white wine to perfectly complement the seafood fare!

Must haves:

clam bake summer parties

  1. Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc: or your fave white wine.
  2. Stackable napkin rings from West Elm
  3. Navy stripe table runner from Crate + Barrel
  4. Nautical or Foodie invite
  5. Sur la Table chalkboard beverage sign
  6. Stay clean: bibs. Seriously.

4. Garden Tea Party: a little cuteness never hurt anyone. Invite the girls over for a tea party complete with cucumber sandwiches, freshly made scones and homemade whipped cream, macaroons, and a vintage teapot set.  Look fabulous in summer dresses, sunglasses, and wide brim hats, sipping mimosas and bonding over old adventures.

Must haves:

tea party summer party image

  1. Vintage Tea Party book: A Complete Guide to Hosting your Perfect Party via Anthropologie
  2. Purchase with a purpose: Gorgeous Betsey Johnson floral earrings via Favoire
  3. Seventh Duchess tea for the duchess in you
  4. Whimsical watercolor Tea Time invitation
  5. Anthropologie Jardin Des Plantes tea set
  6. For when the tea runs out, Sofia Coppola Rose
  7. Craving colorful? Delicious + beautiful Macaron Cafe macarons.

5. Ice Cream Social: From creative cones to boozy floats, there’s something for everyone at this ice cream shindig. Set up a long white table to display toppings, flavors, and drinks. When guests reach the end, they get a scoop of ice cream and a selection of toppings!

Must haves:

ice cream social summer party

  1. Oyo Honey Vanilla Vodka: the first piece to a boozy ice cream float like this one.
  2. Dry Soda: the second piece to a boozy ice cream float. (the third piece is ice cream. duh)
  3. Fresh Scooped invitation
  4. Compostable spoons from Sucre Shop: stylish, functional, eco-friendly? That’s our jam.
  5. Specialty flavored cones from Cone Guys
  6. Honeycomb ice cream decor from Pretty Little Party shop
  7. Serving made easy with this ice cream cone tray from JB Prince

6. Gourmet BBQ Party: Bring on the grill!   Put on that grilling apron and start flipping hot dogs and hamburgers.  Be creative with the selection of sauces and toppings like roasted red peppers, guacamole, pesto mayo, and garlic aioli.

Must haves:

gourmet BBQ summer party

  1. Giant Jenga: Always a crowd-pleaser
  2. Flavor explosion!: Williams-Sonoma Burger Bomb sauces.
  3. Keep your outfit fresh while looking even fresher: Kitsch n’ Glam aprons
  4. Party in the Park invitation
  5. Set the mood at sunset with this Pier 1 Solar Lantern
  6. Cornhole DIY: as fun as it is pretty, thanks to Brit + Co.
  7. BACON! No time to cook it? Skillet bacon spread to the rescue
  8. Up your flavor game with this Himalayan Sea Salt board from Crate + Barrel

There you have it! Share your summer parties + party tips with us on Twitter and Instagram using hashtags #GVsummerparty and #Greenvelope