katy and Joel's wedding

Katy and Joel wanted their wedding to be held in Mexico at a peaceful eco-lodge location away from major tourist areas. They found a perfect place called Genesis Eco-Oasis located in a Mayan village in Ek Balam, Mexico.

Celtic wedding

It was a spiritual ceremony inspired by an ancient Celtic ceremony. Both Katy and Joel were interested in ancient esoteric knowledge and wanted to bring back the divine feminine energy. Katy’s ring was red coral, which symbolizes life and blood force energy. Katy says, “Coral is known as the ‘Women’s Crystal’ and is considered to be ‘The Blood of Mother Earth’ by Native Americans and is considered particularly precious by Tibetan women for menstruation and fertility.” Joel’s ring was Malachite, which is a protection stone that absorbs negative energies and pollutants from the atmosphere and from the body. “It also encourages healthy relationships based on love and not need.”

greenvelope wedding stationers

After their wedding they went to Hacienda Chichen where they were blessed by a Mayan Shaman woman. Then they created a sacred circle with flower petals in a ring of stones and their friend hit the Tibetan singing bowl to begin the ceremony. She took the wand and pointed it to the four directions, and said:

We call on the Spirits of the West, and the angels of water, to bless this sacred union. May it be nourished by hope.
We call on the Spirits of the East, and the angels of air, to bless this sacred union. May it grow through love.
We call on the Spirits of the North, and the angels of fire, to bless this sacred union. May it ripen through knowledge.
We call on the Spirits of the South, and the angels of earth, to bless this sacred union. May it take root in faith.

save the date

They decided to go the electronic route to save trees, and went with Greenvelope because they could link a website and registry and track RSVPs. Being a graphic artist, Katy designed and uploaded her own custom save the date and invitation with a Buddhist love mandala pattern.

Congratulations on your breathtaking wedding!