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The big day is coming up! After countless days spent planning your dream wedding with your beautiful spouse, the last thing you would want is to not look up to part! So while the bride is shopping with her girlfriends for the perfect dress, we here at Greenvelope are here to offer you five sure-fire tips to ensure that you look, and feel, your best when tying the knot!

1. Rock a Bowtie!

They say that history always repeats itself, and the fashion world is no different. The timeless bow tie exudes both luxury and class. From James Bond to Bill Nye, nothing announces your presence like a bow tie!

2. It’s the little things!

It’s not everyday that there is a crucial need for men to accessorize, but it’s definitely important to dress to the nines on your wedding day. For example, make sure you have a nice stud set (it’s those little pieces of jewelry that are used in place of buttons). The stud set provided by tuxedo renter’s are usually not especially well done, so we here at Greenvelope encourage to make your own! If you’re looking to add a creative touch, find a stud set that complements your cuff links!

3. Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

Shoes may be a girl’s best friend, but never forget that they can also make or break a man’s outfit. Simple is key, nothing screams class like an elegant, patent leather shoe. Many guy’s choose to rent tuxedo shoes, which look great as well! Don’t forget to get a nice shoe polish before your big day, after all, you don’t want any dull moments.

4. Brighten things up!

Thinking about going with the same monotone, black, grey, or navy blue suit? Not only would you look out of place, but oh man will you sweat! Instead, consider adding a dash of color to your day, whether its a khaki, light grey, or light blue suit, or a playful pocket square or bow tie.

5. Be Comfortable!

If even the thought of a colored bow tie with clashing suspenders makes you uncomfortable, then by all means, don’t! It’s most important to find clothing that you’re comfortable in. Make sure your shoes don’t give you blisters, your shirt fabric doesn’t make you itch, etc. This is a day you will remember forever, so enjoy every second of it.

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