Corporate event invitations laid out on a table with a dinner plate and greenery

Feeling like morale at the office is a little lackluster lately? Or maybe you’ve just hit a huge milestone or sealed a lucrative new account and want to celebrate. Either way, it’s a great time to plan a company outing. All you need are a few inspiring corporate event ideas.

Getting the whole team together outside of the normal office environment for an event is a great way to build camaraderie, bond, reduce stress, and turn a group of individuals into a group of teammates and even friends. Best of all, corporate events can be loads of fun.

Whether your employees could use a morale boost, need help breaking the ice with new team members, or you simply want to reward their hard work, hosting a team event can help you get the job done.

From outdoor excursions and team-building opportunities to silly activities and ways to give back, here are some of the best corporate event ideas. Plus, we’ll show you some beautiful online invitation ideas to get guests excited about the upcoming event.

The Best Outdoor Corporate Event IdeasCorporate event ideas: A rooftop putt-putt event

Sometimes, everyone needs a bit of fresh air to reset and relax. Outdoor corporate events get everyone outside of the typical work environment, making it easier to make personal connections. Ditch the emails and spreadsheets for a bit with one of these fun outdoor excursions.

1. Scavenger Hunt

Want an outdoor event that doubles as a team-building exercise? Plan a scavenger hunt in a local park or even just the company parking lot. Map a perimeter and hide items like the company flag, the boss’s prized pen, or office supplies. The team that finds the most items wins an extra day off, a culinary treat, or simply bragging rights.

You can also plan a city-based scavenger hunt. Say your company is headquartered in New York City. You can create a scavenger hunt where each team has to take photos in front of certain landmarks or devour food from famous spots. If you need some help planning out the scavenger hunt, you can use an online tool like The Go Game and Strayboots.

2. Kayaking

Pick a gorgeous day and head to the water to enjoy the company of your coworkers. Most lakes, rivers, and beach spots offer kayak and canoe rentals. Ask employees to pair up with people from other departments so they can create new friendships.

3. Sports Games

Knock it out of the park with a trip to the local stadium, or plan your own company baseball game. If America’s favorite pastime isn’t really your thing, host a flag football game, make a slam dunk with a basketball tournament, or pass the baton at a track and field day.

Sports help bring people together, whether it’s because they’re rooting for the same time or engaging in competitive rivalry. Treat the team to an extra special day with box seat tickets, or make it a fun outing by planning your own sports event. Send everyone home with some swag, whether it’s a branded water bottle or sports equipment.

4. Obstacle Course

Most successes come after a great deal of hard work and sweat. Bond with your team and get across the finish line with an obstacle course that challenges and inspires.

Whether your team is fit for a 14-mile endeavor like the Spartan Beast Race or something a little more mellow like a jaunt on a ropes course or a 5K Color Run, there are options for every fitness level.

Not only are these events fun, but they also encourage team-building. You’ll need to help each other over walls or a mild fear of heights to reach the winner’s circle.

5. Mini-Golf or Golf

Outdoor and sporting events don’t have to be physically demanding. If your team wants to get outdoors but isn’t into strenuous competition, head to a mini-golf or a golf course. The beauty of this event is you can make it as casual or fancy as you want.

For a laidback outing, tee off at mini-golf. There’s something wildly fun about launching a ball up a dragon’s tail and out its fire-breathing mouth right into the cup. The setting is perfect for getting everyone out of the office so they can laugh and let loose.

For a fancier corporate event, hit the links at a world-class golf course designed by the experts like Tom Fazio, Jack Nicklaus, and Tom Doak. You can welcome team members to the outing with a champagne brunch in the country club and then head to the green to chip and put and warm up your short game. After that, head to the first hole and enjoy a round of nine or 18 holes.

Team Building Corporate ActivitiesCorporate event ideas: A team huddle

While most of our corporate event ideas help to build team spirit and camaraderie, these corporate team-building activities are centered around overcoming challenges. That means every team member can play a part to help accomplish the mission. Here are some of our favorite events that build team unity in a fun and active environment.

1. Escape Room

Escape games are all the rage. What’s not to love about locking yourself and your teammates in a room, knowing the only way out is to work together and be creative? Escape rooms help to build team engagement, and they offer different types of puzzles so everyone gets their chance to shine. You’ll need a combination of logic, leadership, and teamwork plus a hefty dose of patience to get out. While these puzzles make you think, they’re also fun, featuring anything from children’s ball slides to knights in shining armor.

2. Cook-Off

Add a little competition to the mix with a company cook-off. Whether you end up with dinner or a disaster all comes down to teamwork.

Start by dividing the participants into different groups. Choose a type of food and have all the teams craft their best-tasting dish. Easy ideas include pizza, chili, and pasta. Take cues from “Chopped” and create ingredient baskets that every team has to use in their creation.

If you want something more mellow, you can also take the team to a cooking class. Instead of pitting teams against each other, you can all learn how to craft one particular dish. Alternatively, you can assign different courses of a meal to different teams and come together at the end to enjoy a feast made by the whole team.

3. Board Game Tournament

Hosting a corporate event doesn’t mean you have to leave the office. For a team-building event that doesn’t require a ton of planning or an out-of-office event space, try a board game tournament. Head to a meeting room or conference space and set up a board game like trivia, Jenga, or Pictionary. Divvy up the players into teams and see who comes out on top.

Board games are also great activities for breaking up long workdays. You can create a sign-up sheet and have employees choose a time slot when they’re free to play a game. When the clock strikes the magic number, those team members can head to the game space and blow off some steam with a few minutes of fun.

4. Design Challenge

There are few things more exciting than creating something new. A design challenge can help stimulate creative juices and bring employees together as they work towards a common goal.

The design options are endless. You can have employees do an egg drop challenge or build a pipeline that transfers a marble from the front office back to the CEO’s desk.

Feel like designing an outdoors project? Have employees build a boat out of cardboard or other office materials. At the end of the day, head to a local waterway to see which boats sink and swim.

Silly and Fun Corporate ActivitiesCorporate event ideas: An office karaoke party

Silly events can help build company culture and team bonding. They’re also one of the best icebreakers to introduce new team members to the lively and fun side of your business. Here are some fun ways you can get the team together for laughter and relaxation.

1. Murder Mystery

Find out whodunnit at a murder mystery party. The games can work for small groups as well as large corporations, as you can easily adapt the game to the number of people. You’ll spend the evening — or lunch break — figuring out who the murderer is among you. If you like, make it an elaborate event by having everyone dress the part.

Download different murder mystery themes instantly at My Murder Mystery of Night of Mystery. There are tons of different themes to choose from, including ‘80s, haunted mansions, and saloons.

2. Karaoke

Let loose and sing your heart out with karaoke. There’s something about singing songs that are silly or blasts from the past that helps break the ice. Host a competition and have employees vote on the best performance. You can host the event at a local karaoke bar or use an app like Karaoke Cloud Player.

While this idea is great for extroverts, it isn’t the best choice for teams with people who don’t like to be on stage.

3. Ping Pong

If you’re hosting a retreat or a longer event weekend, a ping pong tournament can help add some light-heartedness. Ask team members to pair up with people they don’t know well. You can also add a ping pong table to the office breakroom to help employees blow off steam.

4. Laser Tag

Laser tag is an excellent way to get team members out of the office for some good fun. You can have the team split into pairs and compete in a tourney-style bracket if you have a large group. To win, employees will need to work together, create a game plan, and use analytical skills.

Corporate Event Ideas With VolunteeringCorporate event ideas: Coworkers at a gallery opening

Volunteering helps employees come together for a bigger cause. Not only is volunteering a rewarding experience, but it also encourages corporate social responsibility — something all team members should play a part in. Give back to the community while also building team morale with these fundraising ideas.

1. Raise Funds With a Fun Run

Get the team together to participate in a race for a cause. Whether it’s a walk-a-thon, a short fun run, or a full-on marathon, you can work together to raise money for local charities or causes that are important to the company. You can make it more engaging by planning regular team training sessions at the local trails or at the gym.

2. Plant a Community Garden

Give back to the community and foster a healthy environment by planting a garden ripe with vegetables and fruits. You can plant the garden on the building grounds or work with the city to lease a space. By building a community garden, you can make connections with your community while creating team spirit.

3. Formal Gala

No corporate event ideas list is complete without mentioning a gala. These upscale events are a great way to raise money for important causes and to bring teams together for a common goal. Send online invitations requesting the presence of employees and other attendees at your formal gala. Employees (or employee teams) can create a portion of the night’s events, from speeches and giveaways to silent auctions.

4. Holiday Party Fundraiser

Bring the team together to celebrate the year’s successes while raising money for community causes at an annual holiday party. Rent a photo booth to record the night’s memories, and ask guests to donate or participate in a live auction. You can make the holiday party a private event limited to employees and their family members or open it up to the community.

Business Invitation Ideas

Looking for a stunning way to invite your team to the next corporate event? Check out our collection of business invitations, which range from upscale designs fit for formal fêtes to casual digital cards for team outings.

1. All Teed Up Invitation

A corporate event invitation for a golf outing

Design: Jennifer Wick

This golf invitation is the perfect option for inviting employees to the company golf outing. The vibrant colors and modern text make for a clean and crisp invite. Guests will be thrilled to learn of a fun day on the green when they open this invite.

2. Triangle Confetti Invitation

A corporate event invitation for a charity ball

Design: Elizabeth Silver

From formal galas to team events, this elegant invite is suited for a host of different events. The geometric glitter adds a modern touch while the angular text area offers contemporary style.

3. Abstract Border Invitation

A corporate event invitation for a Spring gala

Design: Erika Firm

Invite guests to a corporate kayaking event, team retreat, or company picnic with this watercolor invitation. It’s also perfect for spring galas and cocktail events thanks to simple typography and playful design.

4. Utensils Invitation

A corporate event invitation for a dinner party

Design: Annie Montgomery Design

This business-minded invitation is the perfect way to invite the team to a cooking class, cook-off, or company dinner. The hand-drawn utensils add fun while the minimal text brings professionalism.

Invite Guests to Your Corporate Event With Greenvelope

From fun and adventurous to upscale, use the above list to find group activities that will help bring your company together. These outing ideas allow employees to playfully compete in team challenges and build relationships.

Greenvelope is here for all your event planning needs. Whether you want to send invitations for your next corporate event, need a professional save the date, or want to send stunning business cards, we’ve got you covered.