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80th Birthday Invitations: 16 Invites To Honor the Milestone Event

80th birthday invitations: Beverly's 80th birthday invitation

Whether you’re turning 80 or you’re honoring the milestone moment for a loved one, it’s a big reason to celebrate. It’s a special occasion where you can honor a lifetime of achievements and even poke a little fun at the golden oldie. Above all, it’s a great way to get everyone together and spend quality time honoring some of the most cherished members of your circle.

When it comes to 80th birthday invitations, you can be as formal or funny as you like. Just make sure to match the party invitation to the theme of the event. Use humor to add a lively touch to the day — after all, “eighty” is only 13 in Scrabble — or host an event that recognizes the guest of honor’s accomplishments and impact. However you choose to celebrate, you’ll find an 80th birthday invitation on this list to fit your needs.
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Express Your Love and Gratitude With These Sweet Mother’s Day Card Ideas

Mother's Day card ideas flat-lay

When Mother’s Day approaches, it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll show your appreciation for your mom, mother-in-law, grandma, or other mother figures in your life. To help you find the perfect way to express your gratitude — as well as thoughtful sentiments from the little ones in your family — we’ve brought together our best Mother’s Day card ideas. 

From sweet to silly, you’ll find inspiration for different types of Mother’s Day cards, plus Mother’s Day sayings you can adapt and make your own. 
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14 Easy and Fun DIY Party Decorations for Every Event

Woman making DIY party decorations

There are so many wonderful events in life that deserve a celebration, and hundreds of ways to honor the special day. Whether you’re throwing a birthday bash for your bestie or hosting a dinner party for work colleagues, party decor can help set the tone for the affair. You don’t have to be an up-and-coming Martha Stewart or DIY expert to create your own event decor and DIY party decorations.

In fact, decorating for a big party can be fun and simple. You can even get friends and family in on the fun and make it a group project. These DIY party decorations will make any event stand out, and you won’t have to shell out thousands of dollars for a professional decorator. 

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15 Nautical Theme Baby Shower Decor and Party Ideas

nautical theme baby shower decor: different kinds of snacks on the table

The nautical look is a fantastic gender-neutral baby shower theme, and it’s especially great if you’re a fan of its traditional colors, adorable animals, and all things related to the sea. To help you create an impressive event, we’re sharing some of our best nautical theme baby shower decor, food, and favor ideas. Whether you’re the parent-to-be or someone else who’s in charge of the party planning, this guide will help you arrange an unforgettable shower for someone you love. 
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Plan a Hawaiian Theme Party: 25 Can’t-Miss Tropical Ideas

Hawaiian theme party: invitation card with aloha and decoration ideas surrounding it

There’s nothing more fun than a tropical island-inspired celebration full of color, music, vibrant decorations, and delicious food. To help you plan your best Hawaiian theme party ever, we’ve brought together 25 fantastic ideas for decor, games, food, party favors, and invitations. 
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Have a Rawrsome Time With These Dinosaur Birthday Party Ideas

dinosaur birthday party: Tablet on top of a leaf with an invitation on the screen

It’s time to plan a fun dinosaur birthday party for someone special, but where do you start? Right here, that’s where! To help you throw an amazing dinosaur-themed party, we’ve rounded up some of our best ideas and tips for decor, invites, food, activities, favors, and everything else you need for a dino-mite celebration. 
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Jewish Wedding Invitation Wording: Ideas to Celebrate Your Union

Jewish wedding invitation wording: Talia and David wedding invitation

Weddings are a time to join together, celebrate beautiful love stories, and honor our friends and loved ones on their journey through life. For many people — including those who practice Judaism — weddings are also a way to join that special partnership with faith.

You likely already have an idea of Jewish wedding traditions you want to include on your big day, such as readings from the Torah, signing the ketubah, and taking vows under the chuppah. But what about Jewish wedding invitation wording? Before you even have the ceremony, you need to find the right words.

If you’re trying to figure out how to write your Jewish wedding invitation, we’re here to help. This guide offers a variety of Jewish wedding invitation wording ideas that will help set the tone for your special day.
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Sweet 16 Party Ideas for an Unforgettable Celebration

sweet 16 party ideas: Pink cake and number balloons on a table

Turning 16 is such a big moment, so it’s no surprise you want to celebrate it with a special party. To help you plan the perfect celebration, we’ve brought together our best sweet 16 party ideas. You’ll find inspiration around themes, activities, food, and even some virtual party ideas too.
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Virtual Baby Shower Invitation Wording: Celebrate With Fun Phrasing

There’s a bundle of joy on the way and it’s time to celebrate! Whether you’re throwing your own baby shower at home or hosting one virtually for your expectant loved one, the first step in planning the special day is making a guest list and sending out invites. 

Baby shower invites are more than just telling guests about a time and place, they also include details on what the parents need — like books, gift cards, and diapers — and sometimes they double as a gender reveal announcement. That means choosing your words wisely is even more important when crafting these invites.

If you’re feeling stuck on what to say or a little overwhelmed planning the virtual big day, we’re here to help. Use our virtual baby shower invitation wording tips, plus discover gorgeous invitation inspiration.
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COVID Wedding Ideas: How to Create Your Dream Day

COVID wedding ideas: Wedding couple at the park while wearing masks

If there’s one thing that a COVID wedding shows us, it’s that no matter how unpredictable life can be, love shines through. With the right planning and adjustments, you can transform your special day into something truly magical. To help you out, we’re sharing some of our top COVID wedding ideas and planning tips so you can have a perfect wedding day even in the midst of imperfect circumstances.

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