Monster truck invitations and a monster truck toy

Your little (or not so little) one is getting excited about their next big birthday, and for this one, they want a monster truck theme. Maybe they’re a big fan of “Blaze and the Monster Machines,” or they’re eager for a Monster Jam party. Whatever the case, they want a celebration of monster truck proportions — and we’re here to help you make it happen!

As you plan the party decor and party favors, don’t forget about a key element to kick things off — the monster truck invitations! Learn how to customize monster truck birthday party invitations with our top tips and designs.

4 Designing Tips for Your Monster Truck Invitations

One of the best things about having a themed birthday party is the creativity it inspires. For your upcoming monster bash, start by making your own personalized digital invitations — it’s as easy as following these four steps. There’s no need to find a printable digital file or scour the stores for the right cardstock. You can do it all from your computer.

1. Choose Your Favorite Template

Monster truck invitations: Rev Your Engines Invitation

Design: Jessie Steury

The first step is to find a birthday invitation template you love. Look for one that has the elements you want — whether that’s a kid’s birthday photo card, a monster truck illustration, or an image of a cute monster that’s behind the wheel.

At Greenvelope, we have a fantastic collection of kids’ birthday invitations, including monster truck party invites that are perfect for a girl or boy birthday celebration — like this Rev Your Engines invitation.

2. Customize Your Monster Truck Invitation

Once you’ve found the right invitation template for your monster truck party, it’s time to customize it. Every design can be personalized, and there are plenty of ways to turn this standard invitation for boys or girls into something unique.

For instance, you can alter the layout and design elements, including text boxes, or change the fonts to suit your style. You can also play around with colors and choose different palettes for your invite’s design or the text within it. Alternatively, you can work with our design team to include your own colors on some of our editable invitation templates.

If you’ve chosen a photo card, you can add a photo of the guest of honor or their favorite monster truck or character. If you’re feeling creative, you can even upload your own design.

3. Add Your Party Details

After you’ve customized your monster truck invitations, it’s time to add the event details. The other monster truck fans need to know where to find you, after all!

It’s easy to add your party details to our monster truck invitation templates. Make sure you include the kids birthday party date, time, venue, RSVP deadline, and any other essentials — like whether there’ll be food, games, or monster truck-themed activities.

If you have lots to share, use our details panel to keep your invite uncluttered and easy to read. The details panel is great for including directions, a costume party dress code (if there is one), and other party must-haves.

4. Send the Invite to Your Guest Lists

With Greenvelope, it’s easy to send digital invites. Finalize your monster truck birthday party invitation, then upload your recipients’ contact details into our user-friendly platform. You can then send the invite to their email address, mobile phone, or both. You can also share it privately via social media.

Whether you send your invite by text or email, it’s easy for your guests to say “yes!” to the party. Greevelope also offers seamless RSVP tracking, so you don’t have to waste time trying to pin down responses.

Wording Ideas for Your Monster Truck Birthday Party Invitations

Monster truck-themed birthday cake

We love a themed invite, and you know what helps make them even better? A greeting, phrase, or fun message to match! Here are some invite messages that work for a monster truck theme.

  • Ready for a crash course in fun? Join us for [Name]’s Monster Jam bash!
  • Blaze and the Monster Machines invite you to celebrate [Name]’s big day! 
  • Get ready to crush it at [Name]’s monster truck celebration. See you at the starting line!
  • It’s about to get loud! Join us for a smashing monster truck party in honor of [Name].
  • Calling all monster truck fans! It’s time to celebrate [Name]’s birthday.
  • Who can make the best monster truck? Join us for a truck building and racing party for [Name]’s big birthday!

We love these wording options, but there are only so many you can fit on your invites. As such, consider using them elsewhere for your party — like on a personalized birthday poster, banner, cake topper, DIY stickers, or thank you cards.

6 Monster Truck Invitations to Match Your Party Theme

Ready to lock in an epic monster truck invitation? Here’s a collection of some of our favorites — whether you want an invite that features trucks, the monster behind the wheel, or other vehicle-related designs.

1. Big Wheel Truck Invitation

Monster truck invitations: Big Wheel Truck Invitation

Design: Mint Parcel

Let friends know they’re in for a treat with a monster truck-themed birthday party invite. This fun and colorful invitation features a truck-tastic illustration that would work perfectly as a Monster Jam invitation or other Big Wheel birthday party theme.

2. Our Monster Invitation

Monster truck invitations: Our Monster Invitation

Design: Jessie Steury (photo courtesy of Angela & Evan Photography)

Capture the energy and enthusiasm of the little monster truck lover (aka the monster!) with this adorable photo birthday card. It’s perfect for a monster bash or truck-themed kids’ birthday party.

3. Burnin’ Rubber Invitation

Burnin' Rubber Invitation

Design: Morgan Kendall

Does the birthday kid love all things automotive? If so, this race car-themed birthday invitation will surely be a winner. While it doesn’t have a monster truck illustration, it’s ideal for kids who love vintage vehicles or older kids who want their invite to reflect a more grown-up spin on the theme.

4. Pumped Card

Pumped Card

Design: Gwen B Design

Nobody’s winning the monster truck rally without gas, and this gas pump card is a fun twist on monster truck invitations. Here the design is styled as a holiday card, but it’s easy to change the text on the front and use the space on the back for all your party details.

5. Keep On Trucking Invitation

Keep On Trucking Invitation

Design: Elizabeth Silver

Looking for a big, bold invite that highlights the guest of honor’s love for vehicles? This awesome truck-themed party invite has everything you need. Choose from curated colorways or work with our design team to create your own color palette. 

6. SWT6Teen Invitation

SWT6TEEN Invitation

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Is the truck lover turning sweet 16? If so, you can’t go wrong using this license plate invitation as a subtle nod to their hobbies and interests. It’s a contemporary and grown-up version of a truck theme.

Get Your Guests Hyped with These Monster Truck Invitations

Your guest of honor is ready and waiting to race around the room with their friends at their monster truck birthday party. All you need is the perfect monster truck invitation to set the tone for the main event.

Use one of our monster truck invites to get everyone excited about what’s to come. Choose a design to match your theme, customize it, and add your party details so everyone knows where the fun begins!