New Features - NOVEMBER

November was a busy and exciting month for the Greenvelope team, hitting our new record for most new features implemented in a single month (whoop, whoop!)

It was a hard task to pick just three, but here are the most noteworthy updates for November:

Multi Person Tickets

Multi person ticketing functionality is extremely useful for a wide range of event types, including:

  • Large fundraisers, galas, or alumni events where a single host or table captain purchases a table on behalf of all of their guests
  • Company retreats or special events, such as golf tournaments, where groups of 2 or 4 people purchase together

With this new addition, one host, captain or guest can register or RSVP for their group, while still allowing each group member to be counted in the overall RSVP count, as well as receive QR code tickets for effortless day-of check in.


Schedule Card Sending

Once you’ve designed your mailing, crossed your t’s, and dotted your i’s, j’s, and umlauts, you are ready to send. If you aren’t ready to send quite yet or want the news to hit your recipients’ inbox at a specific time, you can now schedule your mailing to go out during a specific hour and date in your respective time zone. Learn more.


List Validation Prior to Sending

No need to wait for bounce backs or errors – quickly validate and verify each of your contact email addresses prior to sending. Just drop your contacts directly into Greenvelope via any of our supported upload methods and ensure each email is valid and ready to go before clicking “Send”.


We are excited to be able to share all these new features with you – you can view a full updates list here or get started with your own account here.