Just Because card featuring pink florals and bold typography that reads "Don't Worry Be Happy"

Just Because cards are at once incredibly straightforward and incredibly versatile. They can be just as they sound – a card sent “just because”; a friendly and loving wave, if you will – but they can also stretch into so much more. Pair the perfect graphic with the perfect just because card message, and you get an instrument of joy that your recipients will love and cherish. 

To help you get the most out of your Just Because card, we put together a list of 10 different ways you can truly show you care. Check them out below!

1. Let them know you’re thinking about them

Whether it’s been weeks or months, the simple gesture of letting someone know they’re on your mind can brighten anyone’s day. This is the true essence of sending a ‘Just Because’ card – to let those you love know that you care. Including a story, a joke, a congratulation, or just keeping it simple is up to you, but no matter what, your loved ones are sure to appreciate the sentiment. 

2. Add a personalized message

Text messages are great. And emails are, too. But there’s something about receiving a personalized message within a thoughtful card that brings about an unmatched warmth and appreciation. Pairing the perfect imagery to your words takes the gesture that much further, to that rare folder of, “Never Delete”. 

3. Send them a (virtual) hug

The next best thing to hugging in person! When you spread those arms wide and hit send, chances are high that you’re bringing a smile to your recipient’s face, and that will never go out of style. It can also serve as a lovely jumping off point, toward a planned phone call or low-key virtual coffee date.

Heart-shaped Just Because card featuring golden text reading "Sending you a virtual hug"

4. Send a photo card, or even add a photo album

Even if you don’t think a picture is worth a thousand words, people love receiving cards with photos included, as a single photo-insert card, or as a card with an attached photo album. With Greenvelope’s photo album display, you can even set up a slideshow and enable comments. In that way, what you’re sending is way more than just a card–it’s an interactive experience. 

5. Customize with a song that they love

Whether it’s because you’re not sure what else to say, or it’s because you know exactly what to say and in what ways the perfect tune can amplify that, attaching a song can catapult your Just Because card to the very front of their memory bank for years to come. Silly or sweet, it can even be as simple as letting the recipient know that a certain song made you think of them. 

6. Provide an encouraging message 

At some point or another, everyone encounters obstacles. And it’s up to us — loved ones, immediate or extended members of their support system — to help them through, over, or around them. A teaspoon (or, in the case of a Just Because card, a boatload) of encouragement can go a long, long way.  

Just Because card featuring groovy florals and mod typography reading "Sending all the positive vibes"


7. Say ‘Thank You’!

When you stop and survey your life, it’s likely that you’re able to find at least one thing, and one person, that you’re thankful for every day. It’s best to not let that gratitude go unsaid. And when you do decide to say, “Thank you”, the wide-ranging nature of our Just Because collection can provide the perfect way to say it.

8. Share some news of your own

Did you hit a milestone? Did you get a promotion? Move into a new place? Or did you do something else that’s totally awesome and something your loved ones would want to hear about? Sharing news of your own through a Just Because card is a wonderful way to keep your loved ones up to speed on your life and in the know of what achievements are up ahead. Don’t be shy!

Just Because card featuring three customizable text boxes where you can share all of your family news and two photo-insert boxes.


9. Be a little playful

Rather than sending a sweet hug, or a heartfelt thank you, you’d rather send a Just Because card because you want to make a loved one laugh? Go right ahead. Choose a fun (or funny) card for the light-hearted jokesters in your life, customize it with music, animations, photos, or a witty message (or however you’d like), and get ready to receive that “LOL” in return. 

10. Schedule a time to reconnect 

Coffee date? Movie night? Happy Hour? Treat your Just Because card as the lead-in to a virtual, or in-person, hangout. Include a personalized message to not just say you’re thinking of them, but fill its lines with dates, times, and activity suggestions. They’ll appreciate the sentiment, and creates something to look forward to together.

Just Because card featuring simple typography that reads "BYOW (bring your own wi-fi)


Above all else, remember to have fun with the card. Take pride in it, of course, but don’t get caught up on perfection. After all, you’re trying to deliver a burst of joy, not take the joy of the process away from yourself. 

Once you have your sights on to whom you’d like to send a Just Because Card, and how you’d like to do it, head over to our beautiful – and thoughtful – Just Because Collection to get inspired.