An electronic housewarming invitation displayed on a tablet

Well now, welcome home.

You just did some serious adulting — you cleared everything with the lender, you got the go-ahead from the inspector, and ultimately signed your mortgage. You packed up everything you own in the world and blew a few goodbye kisses to your former home and the memories you made there.

And now you’re here. Your belongings might still be in boxes, but you’re already imagining where all your furniture is going to go. Your sofa will look perfect in that far corner, you’ll hang a large mirror above the mantel, and you just might treat yourself to a new rug.

You’re onboard with the neighborhood, and the shell of a condo, flat, house, fill-in-your-property-here is starting to feel like home. And while you haven’t knocked on any doors to say hello yet, you have a few friends you’ll most certainly invite over to scope out your new place. You’ll collectively toast to your new setup, but before you go popping bottles there’s just one thing you have to do: actually invite them over.

And since your new place is just as classy as you are, this calls for something a bit more official than a mass group text. Below, you’ll find ten housewarming invitation templates to bring over all your friends and family to break in the new place.

10 Housewarming Invitations to Make a New Place Feel Like Home

Home isn’t about the space, it’s about the people. So invite over a few of your favorite humans to check out your new place, and celebrate this next stage in your life. Here are a few invitations and party ideas that will have you saying, “Home sweet home.”

1. For Those Excited about Dining In: Blooming Plate Housewarming Invitations

Blooming Plate housewarming invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Diasty Hardhikaputri

Wait a minute, what’s this? Matching dishware? Utensils not stolen — excuse us, forever borrowed, from a cafeteria? It looks like someone upgraded everything in their kitchen. To celebrate your serious adulting skills, why not customize the invitation wording on these marble invitations? You could even throw your first cocktail party or housewarming brunch with those new glasses you ordered.

2. For Those Wanting to Show Off the Home Brews: Full Bar Can’t Lose Housewarming Invitations

Full Bar Can't Lose housewarming invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Did your new house, apartment, or condo come complete with a built-in bar? Did part of your furniture budget go to buying that wine cooler on Amazon? Would that wine cooler look a bit less baren if it came fully stocked? Call all your friends, because your new address is about to become the local neighborhood pub. And don’t worry, you don’t need to ask your friends to come armed with booze — this new home happy hour invite does the job for you.

3. For Those with a Full Feed of Photos: We’ve Moved Housewarming Invitations

We've Moved housewarming invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Claudia Owen

We know, we know. You’re excited. The new hardwood floors. The paint colors you can’t seem to narrow down. The fireplace you absolutely fell in love with. You’re so excited about this new place to call your own that your Instagram feed is full of new photos. Share your favorite on the front of this moving announcement and housewarming invitation, then bring all your family and friends over so they can see it for themselves.

4. For Those Who Want to Keep Things a Surprise: Gold Bottle Housewarming Invitations

Gold Bottle housewarming invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Niru & Baku

Have you been keeping the curtains pulled on your new home? Well, it’s time to completely unveil things to your family and friends. With this invitation, you don’t have to worry about spoiling the surprise. The gold bottles tell your guests there’s cause for celebration (as does your new address) but all other spoilers will be carefully hidden behind your front door.

5. For Those Who Adore a Rustic Look: Farmhouse Chic Housewarming Invitations

Rustic Farmhouse housewarming invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Jen Montgomery

Your Pinterest boards are overflowing with rustic chic ideas, Chip and Joanna are your DIY style idols, and that new dining room table you picked out? It’s made from 1800’s barn boards. For those who love to go a little farmhouse chic, you simply have to go with this housewarming invite when opening-up your new home.

6. For Those Who Like to Keep It Simple: Heads Up! Housewarming Invitations

Heads Up! housewarming invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Olive Raufman

You know, moving is hard enough. It was impossible to find enough boxes, your BFFs were conveniently out of town, and the movers “wrote down” the wrong scheduled time. With all the hassles you already dealt with, your housewarming party should be an opportunity to kick your feet up. For a no fuss, no frills party invite, go with this classic design.

7. For Those With a New Patio to Break In: Lights and Lanterns Housewarming Invitations

Lights and Lanterns housewarming invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Clementine Creative

What’s this? String lights in the middle of summer? That can only mean one thing — you have a new patio to break in! If you’re just as excited about your new outdoor space as your indoor space, you have to celebrate with this housewarming party invitation. Lay out a few blankets, ice buckets, and corkscrews: It’s time to break in your space with a bbq party for your friends — both old and new.

8. For Those Looking for a Few Friendly Faces: Welcome to the Neighborhood Housewarming Invitations

Welcome to the Neighborhood housewarming invitations from Greenvelope

Design: A Fresh Bunch

Isn’t it strange how we get inexplicably attached to our neighborhoods? The restaurant owner who waves hi to you every morning, the post lady who constantly forgets your name, and the baristas who will, every so often, wave off your wallet and offer you a brew on the house. Those smiling faces were so hard to leave when you moved out of your old neighborhood — but you’ll meet new ones! To invite your old friends and new neighbors into your home, do so with this warm invite, perfect for a community open house.

9. For Those Who Love a Seaside Get Together: Seafood Soirée Housewarming Invitations

Seafood Soirée housewarming invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Whether you bought your dream lake house, would love to throw a pool party, or just can’t resist a nautical theme, you’ll enjoy this snazzy housewarming invitation and coordinating RSVP. Tell your friends to bring a few bottles, and you’ll provide the seafood, sweetcorn, and Old Bay seasoning. There’ll be plenty of fun and house tours to go around, and maybe a few crab bibs to hand out with the feast.

10. For Those Wanting to Crack Open a Cold One: Grillin’ and Chillin’ Housewarming Invitations

Grillin' and Chillin' housewarming invitations from Greenvelope

Design: Signature Greenvelope

You did all the legwork. You loaded up the boxes, you cleaned up the old place, and you put a little elbow grease into getting your new home to feel like it. Now it’s time to relax, open a six pack, and throw a backyard (or rooftop) BBQ. Bring over some of your favorite people, let them scope out the new digs, and celebrate this next stage.

Cheers to Whatever Comes Next

Who knows what will happen in your new home. You’ll probably throw a few birthday parties, send out several holiday cards, and become neighborhood-famous for your annual 4th of July bash, but all other celebrations are anyone’s guess.

Depending on what stage of life you’re at, you could play host or hostess to bridal showers, bachelor parties, engagement parties, or rehearsal dinners. You might sit at those incredible marble counters pasting address labels on birth announcements, wedding invitations, and baby shower invitations.

No matter what memories are made in your new house or condo, know that Greenvelope is here to help spread the word. With more than enough designs personalized to your special bash, we’re here to ensure all your friends and family are right there, celebrating along with you.