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Sending a greeting card to wish someone well is oftentimes due to a challenging time, an illness, or other sad news. While the reason for the card may be unfortunate, it offers a lovely opportunity to express how much you care about someone and offer any support they might need. 

In this guide, we’ll share some of our best advice on how to create heartfelt get well soon cards. You’ll gain insights on details to include, how to say what you mean, and discover beautiful get well soon card designs. 

How to Write a Thoughtful Get Well Soon Card

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Get well soon cards are all about offering support, empathy, and well wishes at a time of illness or personal challenge. Whether you’re sending a get well card to your mom after an injury, or to your friend after they took a risk that didn’t pay off, here’s how to send your warm wishes. 

Open Warmly

Most of the time you’ll be sending a get well soon card to someone you’re close to. That means you can keep it informal and opt for “Hi,” “Hey,” or simply the recipient’s name. This works great for close friends and family members who appreciate the relaxed approach. 

If you’re writing to a coworker, boss, or extended family member, a simple yet sweet “Dear” followed by the recipient’s name is a standard yet warm way to begin your note. 

Express Your Well Wishes

Next up, you’ll want to wish your loved one or recipient well. Ultimately, it’s your choice on how to phrase your warm wishes — we recommend sticking with something that feels personal and sounds the way you usually talk.

For a simple message, something like “I hope you’re feeling better soon” or “Sending you good vibes!” works great. Your well wishes should come from the heart, so take a few moments to consider what sounds right for you and the recipient. (We’ve included plenty of get well card messages down below to inspire you.)

Make Your Wording Specific

You don’t want your get well soon card to feel like it’s a generic message from a stranger. Instead, personalize so that it’s tailored to their specific situation.

If you know the details and it isn’t too painful, mention what they’re going through in the card. You could say “Hope your broken arm heals soon!” or “We’re with you as you tackle this journey” for a genuine and optimistic message. 

Offer Your Support

Sometimes there’s not much help you can offer practically, but your thoughts and well wishes are still much appreciated. Lend your thoughts (and prayers if you’re spiritual) as a sign of encouragement.

If you can offer practical support, don’t be afraid to mention it in your get well soon card. Say that you’re available to drop a home cooked meal to their door, run errands, or handle some of their work while they’re away from the office. Even the smallest of gestures can lift some of the weight off them if they’re worried about falling behind or missing out. 

Close With a Thoughtful Goodbye

When it’s time to end your get well soon card greeting, sign off with a thoughtful and warm goodbye. Make it just as personal and from the heart as your greeting and the rest of your message.

You could keep it simple with a sign-off like “Best wishes,” or opt for something like “Sending you all my love and good wishes.” Finish the message by signing with your first name, or perhaps your nickname if that is something they use. 

Get Well Soon Card Wording Ideas

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It’s time to start thinking about the messages you’ll write inside your greeting card. If you’re stuck for ideas and want something to help you get started, here are some of our favorite get well soon card wording ideas for different occasions. 

Simple Get Well Soon Card Messages

To send a short yet sweet sentiment, you can’t go wrong with these wording ideas for your get well soon cards. 

  • Hope you feel better soon, [Name]! 
  • Sending you lots of positive vibes (and powerful prayers).
  • Wishing you better health soon.
  • Get well sooner than later, [Name]!
  • Hoping you’re back to full strength in no time! 

Get Well Soon Messages for a Loved One

If you’re sending well wishes to a close friend, cherished family member, or beloved member of your community, you might want your message to go a little deeper. Take inspiration from these get well soon messages to write something heartfelt. 

  • Sending you all my love, [Name]. Can’t wait to give you some big hugs again soon.
  • It’s not the same without you here. Hope you’re on the mend soon! 
  • I know it’s tough at the moment [Name], but you’re a fighter. We’re all here by your side.
  • Miss you so much! Hope you feel better soon so we can catch up like nothing ever happened.
  • Get well soon, [Name]! You’re missed by all of us so much. 

Funny Get Well Card Messages

Sometimes the only thing that’ll get you through a tough time is humor. If you know your recipient is happy to receive an upbeat or lighthearted get well soon card, here are some wording ideas to consider. 

  • Cheer up, [Name] — it could be worse! 
  • Yikes! This is one thing a Band-Aid can’t fix. Still, I’m sending you a kiss to make it better! 
  • You can’t get rid of us that easily. We’re all here hoping you make a fast recovery! 
  • Hope you get better soon, [Name]! You’re the only one who knows how to work the grill.

Get Well Soon Messages for After Surgery

Sending a get well soon card to someone after surgery? Here are some thoughtful messages you could include in your greeting card to wish them a fast and healthy recovery. 

  • Wishing you a super speedy recovery! 
  • Sending you good vibes for your recovery, [Name].
  • Good luck with the next steps! You’ll be better than ever!
  • You did it! We’re all cheering you on as you get back to normal life. 
  • Get well soon, [Name]! Don’t be afraid to call on me for help if you need it. 

Get Well Soon Card Greetings for Someone at Work

It’s often easier to write a message to someone you’re close to than a coworker or boss. Here are some messages to consider for your colleague. 

  • Wishing you good health now and always, [Name]!
  • Take care, [Name]. Hope you’re on the mend soon. 
  • Get better soon, [Name]. You’re missed by all of us at [Company Name]! 
  • Focus on getting better and recovering. The paperwork can wait! 
  • Hope you’re feeling better soon, [Name]. The office is falling apart without you!

Beautiful Get Well Soon Cards

Beautifully written get well soon cards deserve equally thoughtful designs. Here are some of our favorite ecard templates that you can customize to create the perfect vehicle for your well wishes. 

Get Well Flowers Card

get well soon cards: Get Well Flowers Card from Greenvelope

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Let someone special know you’re thinking of them with this floral get well soon card. The modern typeface and colors blend perfectly with the sweet illustrations to create a greeting card that’s ideal for close friends, family members, or coworkers. 

Floral Sentiments Card

Floral Sentiments Card in blue from Greenvelope

Design: Signature Greenvelope

For another beautiful greeting card filled with blooms, try this floral sentiments card. It’s ideal if you can’t send flowers in person but want to let someone know they’re loved or missed. Choose from five colorways and customize the text to suit the moment perfectly. 

On My Mind Card

On My Mind Card from Greenvelope

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Want something super simple that still expresses how much you care? This get well soon card is an ideal option. The vintage-inspired colors and heart on the front create a sweet sentiment, and there’s plenty of space on the reverse to write your own get well soon message. 

Send Thoughtful “Get Well” Wishes in Moments

With a kind heart and the right intentions, you can put together a sweet message that’ll be well received by someone going through a tough time. Think about the structure of your get well soon card, what you want to include, and how you want to say it. Then, find a beautiful “thinking of you” note card design and personalize it to create something to make your loved one smile no matter what situation they’re facing. Your kind gesture will remind them that they’re not alone.