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letter board reading "will you marry me"?

Oh, yes! The magic moment so many people dream about—a surprise wedding proposal. 

There is no doubt that this is a HUGE moment in both of your lives, which means the pressure is on to make your marriage proposal unforgettable. And we know that when it comes time to pop the big question, there’s absolutely nothing like a genuine surprise. I mean, who doesn’t love surprises? 

But planning and executing an epic surprise proposal takes some creative thinking, scheming, and intense planning, especially if you’re going to hire a professional photographer to capture it all. 

If creativity doesn’t run through your veins, have no fear! We put together 6 brilliant ideas for a perfect surprise proposal that will leave your Boo screaming nothing but YASSS! So, now that you have the perfect wedding ring, you are ready to pledge your undying love and propose! Here’s how to sweep them off their feet.

6 Brilliant Ideas For A Surprise Wedding Proposal

1. Celebrate With All Their Favorite People

If you’re a couple that loves to celebrate milestones with family and friends, then your partner will love nothing more than having them at your proposal. Proposal idea number one is not just about how to “pop the question,” but actually about creating an experience that can be shared and cherished for a lifetime. 

Create an intimate setting in a romantic location for just the two of you to enjoy the private emotions of pledging to love each other forever. But then, right after the proposal, surprise your new fiancé  with a follow-up engagement party full of all their favorite people! Talk about a party to end all parties! Nothing could be better than sharing this exhilarating experience with the ones you both love most. 

The trick to the success of pulling this off as a surprise wedding proposal is to make sure all of your friends and family can keep a secret. And don’t leave any evidence, like paper invitations, for your partner to stumble upon. Instead, keep everything digital. With online invitations, inviting everyone is easy while still maintaining the secret. Bonus: all RSVPs are digital and tracked on the site, so no paper (or text) trail to ruin the surprise.

2. Surprise Wedding Proposal With Food

If you and your Boo are foodies, what better way to propose than with food? It’s a creative way to pop the question and always makes for a great surprise! And when you pair it with your favorite restaurant, wine, or champagne, it will indeed turn into an event to remember. 

Here’s a great example. Since you both love food and trying new places, getting them to go out to eat should be no trouble at all. So, that means you’re easily on the road to the surprise of a lifetime. Because your food expeditions are the norm, they shouldn’t have any idea of what you’re about to do. 

But instead of just your average meal out on the town, plan ahead and contact the restaurant to get them to help you with your surprise. Then, on your next date night, surprise your SO with a surprise pizza proposal that has “Marry Me” spelled out in pepperoni, a cute cupcake with the ring in the icing, or a brunch buffet with the ring in a mimosa. These are incredibly creative and memorable ways to propose. And as foodies, the sky’s the limit on how you can pop the question.



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3. Surprise Proposal For Gamers

Now, if food isn’t your thing, but game night is, what better way to propose than by incorporating it into a game. If you love playing games together, consider surprising your SO with the big question in the middle of your favorite game. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Invite a group of friends over to play Charades. Add the word “proposal” into the stack and watch them be blown away! Plan it in advance, and maybe only let a few of your friends in on it so they don’t blow the surprise. But, ask one to take some photos or videos when you get to the proposal. 

Other ideas: Add it into your Scrabble game by putting together the letters “will you marry me?” 

Get a custom deck of playing cards where one card includes “will you marry me?” Or add the big question to your favorite trivia game.

4. Couples Photoshoot Turned Proposal

What better way to ensure a quality proposal picture than to already be in the middle of a photoshoot? This is one of our all-time favorite wedding proposal ideas! Because, let’s face it, couples photoshoots are pretty popular right now, who doesn’t love getting dolled up for professional photos?

Marriage proposals often cannot be documented on film, so the person being asked only has their memories to cherish. But having a professional photographer on hand to capture each moment as it unfolds can be an heirloom that will be cherished for a lifetime. And since we live in a do-it-for-the-gram society, most people want Insta-worthy photos. 

5. Surprise Proposal For Sports Fans

Now, if your way of having fun always seems to include sports, whether watching on tv or live in person, stick to it. If eating out at a fancy restaurant isn’t your vibe, why do it for an intimate wedding proposal that your partner will remember forever? 

Instead, stick to what you love. Then, depending on your budget, you can go big or keep it simple and cozy at home. Here are some ideas on how to create a surprise proposal for sports fans. 

If your budget allows, and the sports team agrees, why not rent a sporting arena for just the two of you? What could be more of a surprise or more memorable than getting asked the most important question of their lives at the place they love the most? Of course, it will require some planning on your part, and maybe even a few friends to pull it off as a surprise but talk about an unforgettable proposal!

Another great idea is to coordinate appearing on the kiss cam at a sporting event, and then pop the question in front of the whole arena! Super funny, exciting, and totally memorable. Again, it’s best to call ahead and speak to someone at the stadium to arrange it and make sure they find you on the kiss cam and stay on you long enough to pop the question. If you have a few minutes alone with the people sitting around you, maybe while your SO goes to the restroom, let them in on the secret and ask them to take photos. 

If popping the question in front of thousands of fans on the kiss cam isn’t your style, why not just post your message on the scoreboard? Again, plan ahead to pull this off, but your SO will love it! 


6. Proposal Where You Had Your First Date

A solid, go-to proposal idea is to take them back to where you had your first date. It’s always a place that’s a little sentimental, which will elevate the proposal experience. Since it’s where your relationship started, it seems fitting that you would seal the deal there as well!

If you went on your first date at the beach, this is the perfect spot to pop the question. But, to make it super memorable and more of a surprise, plan ahead to set up an intimate space. Maybe a table for two with candlelight on the beach so you can propose under the stars. Or have a friend or family member help you by arriving a little before you to spell “Marry Me?” in the sand. Putting the extra effort into your proposal makes it even more special and unique. 

Other great ideas include hike proposals and a scavenger hunt. A scavenger hunt proposal is where your partner is led to places that are significant to both of you with little notes along the way, only to end up at a specific location where you’re already waiting on one knee with the ring in hand. If this location is where you met or had your first date, this makes it all the more special! Ooohhh!!! We just got the goosies . . .this is so romantic, and we’re sure there will be tears along the way. 

Bonus Proposal Idea

And just because we love you, we’re throwing in an extra special bonus wedding proposal idea. Go out for karaoke!! Yes! How wonderful would it be to be serenaded with a marriage proposal?

When you love to go out together with friends and karaoke is always one of the most fun times, pledge your love with a song. Whether you’re up there singing to them or you’re both on the stage singing together, a karaoke wedding proposal is sure to get a yes!

Propose From The Heart

Finding the best way to pledge your love and ask for your partner’s hand in marriage is something that should be near and dear to your heart. The setting and the words should embody the love you have for each other and the life you want to make together. Finding incredible wedding proposal ideas such as these online is excellent, but remember to put your own spin on them for something truly remarkable.