Today we are featuring a guest post from our friend’s over at Modernize, who are sharing their insights on why digital invitations are the best thing to happen to wedding planning.

Sending invitations for your wedding is one of the most exciting tasks throughout the wedding planning process. But the cost of paper invitations adds up quickly, and the process of designing and sending them out can be timely—so why not consider going digital instead? We at Modernize believe that every new bride can benefit from using e-invitations, and here’s why:

Create Something Custom       

No matter your style or vision, digital invitations give you much more flexibility in customizing and creating the perfect introduction to your big day. Whether customizing an existing template, uploading your own design, or working with a designer to create something new, going online offers a hands-on design experience often not possible with a traditional stationer.

Guest Management

Say goodbye to chasing down guests for their meal selections, second-guessing dietary restrictions, or losing track of how many plus 1s are attending.  The burden of managing guest information manually can be an unnecessary stressor throughout the wedding planning process, all the way down until the day-of. Digital invitations with integrated guest management can put your mind at ease by keeping all of your guests’ information, including survey questions and plus 1s, attached to their RSVP and all in one place.  

Enjoy Easy Updates

When working with paper wedding invitations, it’s virtually impossible to make updates to the information on them after they’ve been mailed. You’d be required to make phone calls or mail out update notices in order to ensure that all of your guests are on the same page when they show up for the wedding festivities. But this isn’t the case when you’re working with digital invitations, as you can update everything from times, dates, and addresses to names, contact information, and details with just the click of a button.

Count on Faster RSVPs

When digitally inviting guests to your wedding, guests can RSVP at their soonest convenience. This is exceptionally convenient for most folks, which means that you can expect much quicker response times, allowing you to get on with planning other pressing aspects of your wedding and reception events. E-invitations cut down on waiting for responses by days, if not weeks, as there is no delay in the delivery process.

Eliminate Postal Errors

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing e-invitations, as opposed to traditional paper options, is that you don’t have to worry about postal errors or lost invitations that never make it to their intended recipients. All you need is a valid email address for each person on your guest list in order to ensure that their invitations reach them.

Save Some Money

Digital and online invitations are typically less expensive than paper invitations overall because there is no paper or ink involved. You can create completely customized designs, with elegant details like letterpress, gold foil, or die cut, all while saving money on not only the ink and paper, but the envelopes and postage stamps as well. This can result in saving hundreds of dollars when all is said and done.

Thanks to Modernize for sharing their take on digital invitations for the modern couple, and you can check out our full wedding collection here.