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Nothing says “congratulations on your new home” quite like thoughtful cards, well wishes, and gifts from loved ones. It’s the perfect way to express your good will for someone who has just embarked on a fresh, fun adventure in a new place. If you’re wondering how to give someone that warm and fuzzy feeling, we’ve got you covered. Here are the best ways to congratulate the new homeowners along with some great gift ideas.

What to Say in a “Congratulations on Your New Home” Card

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Here at Greenvelope, it’s easy to find a digital congratulations card you love and personalize it with a quick message. If you’re stuck for words though, here are some thoughtful wording ideas to use as inspiration for your own. 

Simple Congratulations Messages

You can’t go wrong with a sweet and simple congratulations on your new home message. If you like to keep things casual or don’t know the individual or family closely, here are some greeting card wording ideas to help you out. 

  • Congratulations on your new home and new adventure! 
  • ​Congrats on moving to the new house, [Name]!
  • What an exciting move — congrats! 
  • The neighborhood is lucky to have you, [Name]! 
  • Congratulations on finding your home sweet home! 
  • Sending you lots of warm wishes as you embark on this new life together.
  • Best of luck with everything in your new place, [Name]! 
  • Congrats on making the move! Hope your new neighbors are just as lovely as you are.

Congratulations for Friends and Close Family Members

It’s always exciting when a close loved one gets to make the move to an amazing new home. Celebrate the moment with an upbeat message. 

  • Huge congratulations, [Name]! Can’t wait to visit once you’re all settled in.
  • We’re so excited that you’re about to say hello to your beautiful new home! 
  • Congrats on the big move! Have fun making new memories together in such a wonderful location. 
  • Yay, we’re so happy you’re on the move to your gorgeous new home. Can’t wait to visit soon! 

Congrats to First Time Buyers

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There’s nothing quite like buying your first home. Whether it’s someone making the move on their own, or a couple (or family) buying a new place together, here’s how to congratulate them. 

  • Congrats on buying your first home, [Name]! You earned it!
  • Congratulations on your new home! Time to fill it with happy memories. 
  • Your hard work has paid off — congrats on your first home together! 
  • Congrats on your first home! It’s the start of many new experiences in store for the two of you.

Sweet Messages to New Neighbors

If you love being part of that community spirit, sending a housewarming card to a new neighbor is a lovely way to welcome them in. Here are some housewarming message ideas to help you do just that. 

  • Welcome to the neighborhood! Can’t wait to break bread together.
  • Congrats on the big move! We’d love to have you at our place for a drink once you’re unpacked.
  • Congratulations on moving to such a lovely home. We wish you lots of happiness here! 
  • Welcome, neighbors! This is a wonderful place to be, and we can’t wait to show you around. 

Heartfelt Wishes After a Difficult Move

Moving isn’t always for the brightest of reasons — maybe they’re moving to care for a loved one, or they’ve gone through a tough breakup. Whatever the reason, here are some thoughtful ways to wish them well through a housewarming or sympathy card. 

  • Sending you my love and condolences at this difficult time, [Name]. We hope your new home brings you a world of brightness. 
  • We wish you all the best as you make the move to [Location], [Name]. We’re always right here if you need us.
  • I know you had so many memories here, [Name]. May you have the best adventure making new ones at your beautiful new home. 
  • Life brings us happy times and sad times, and through them both you always have us. Congratulations on your big move, [Name] — we’ll be out to visit you soon. 

Funny “Congratulations on Your New Home” Messages

Want to make the new homeowners laugh? Here are some funny new home messages to share with close friends or family members who appreciate your sense of humor. 

  • Now that you’re leaving, don’t forget us. Can’t wait for that housewarming party invite, [Name]!
  • Time for a fresh start, eh? Let’s hope you keep your new place tidier than your old one! 
  • Congrats on the move, friend. What’s the Wi-Fi password? 
  • You finally found a place you could afford? Congrats on the move! 
  • Uh oh, there goes the neighborhood!

Housewarming Gift Ideas That Say “Congratulations on Your New Home”

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Alongside your well wishes card or letter you might want to send a thoughtful congratulations on your new home gift. There’s something out there to suit every person, couple, or family — but here’s a handful of our favorites. 

Fresh Flowers or Plants

There’s a reason sending flowers as a gift is so timeless — they’re a lovely way to brighten up a home and make someone smile. Fresh flowers or plants make great gifts for new homeowners or renters as they quickly add color and style to a space. 

Look for a highly regarded florist near their new location and ask them to add a handwritten note as a special touch. Think about the flowers and colors your gift recipient loves, and ask for a bouquet to be made with them in mind. Likewise, you can choose a houseplant that suits the gift recipient’s personality or lifestyle. For instance, if they don’t exactly have a green thumb, a cute succulent in a modern container could be the perfect housewarming gift.

Meal Delivery Service or Recipe Box

After all that packing and unpacking, the last thing the new homeowner wants to do is prepare complicated meals. Sending someone the gift of a meal delivery service or recipe box makes things easier for them — they can heat up or cook a meal in a fast, convenient way. 

Meal delivery services make great options for busy families moving a long distance while recipe boxes help couples or families create a “date night” or “family night” without the hassle of shopping for ingredients. If you’re gifting a recipe box and don’t want the giftee to worry about unpacking things, send them a fresh set of pans and dinnerware too. 

Digital Gift Card

Moving can be expensive and requires a lot of time and energy. Sending your gift recipient a digital gift card lets them choose a gift of their own at their own pace. With a digital gift card, your friend or family member can browse online and pick out something special for their new place. They can go practical with a new dining set, choose cozy cushions for their couch, or select from countless other options. When you send a digital card with Greenvelope, you can also add a digital gift card from dozens of retailers before you hit checkout. 

Say “Congratulations on Your New Home” in a Variety of Ways

Moving to a new home (or apartment) is an exciting time for most people and it offers you a chance to show your support for the next chapter in their life. Use our wording ideas, card examples, and gift ideas to share how excited you are for them as they tackle this fun new adventure.