Bollywood theme party decorations

For fans of Indian culture and all things Bollywood, there’s nothing better than celebrating a big lifetime moment with a Bollywood theme party. It has everything you could want — bold colors, an incredible playlist, and all the glitz and glam of a Hollywood-style party.

If you’re ready to plan and host an out-of-this-world Bollywood theme party for a special celebration, keep reading. We’ll share all our favorite ideas to help you party in style, from how to decorate to how to keep your guests entertained.

12 Ideas for an Incredible Bollywood Theme Party

Bollywood is a great theme option for a birthday party, anniversary party, or even a corporate event celebrating Indian culture and the Hindi language films that make Bollywood the much-loved industry it is.

Here’s how to plan an unforgettable Bollywood theme party, whatever your occasion.

1. Refine Your Bollywood Theme

A Bollywood theme works well on its own, but you can also refine it to tailor your event to a specific part or era of the film industry you love the most.

Focus on the golden Bollywood era, the more modern films and Bollywood stars, or the actors and actresses you’ve admired through time. You could even theme your whole party around one movie in particular.

2. Choose a Party Color Scheme

Bollywood parties are known for their outstanding use of color, which creates an atmosphere of warmth, celebration, and joy. Use this to inspire your choices as you create your dream party color scheme.

Use bold jewel tones to create a vibrant look, and opt for pinks, purples, reds, and oranges to bring your party to life. Mix in hints of rich blue to add contrast to your tables and decor pieces. Once you have a color scheme, shopping for party supplies is much easier.

3. Rent a Party Hall

You’ll want plenty of space for your guests to mingle and dance the night away, so booking a large venue is often the go-to for party hosts. A large party hall or an event space within a hotel or resort makes an excellent option for an indoor celebration.

Inside the party hall, soften the harsh walls with draping fabrics in bold colors and use lighting to transform the space into the ultimate Bollywood party hangout.

4. Host an Outdoor Bollywood Party

If an indoor venue isn’t the right choice or you simply want to chill at home, a backyard Bollywood party is one of our favorite options. This venue choice means you can get creative with big tents, outdoor seating, and gorgeous scenery.

Roll out an outdoor-friendly red carpet for your guests to arrive on, and keep them entertained with live music and plenty of delicious food served inside a lavish tent. Host outdoor party games and invite people to relax with a drink on some cozy outdoor cushions as they watch the sunset together.

5. Send Out Themed Bollywood Party Invitations

Bollywood theme party: Ornamental Silk Invitation

Design: Plum Pretty Sugar

Matching invitation: Ornamental Silk Invitation

A Bollywood party doesn’t feel complete without an invitation that’s just as bold, bright, and beautiful. At Greenvelope, we have a wonderful collection of Bollywood party invitations that use rich colors and intricate details to help you tell the story of your upcoming event.

Choose an invitation, customize it, and send it to your guests. You can manage RSVPs easily from one place, along with details like dietary requirements or menu choices, playlist suggestions, and more.

Not sure which invitation to choose? We’ve highlighted some of our favorites further down!

6. Decorate With Color

We’ve talked about the importance of color, and now it’s time to think about how you can bring those incredible jewel tones into your event through party decorations and styling.

Splash color throughout your event in areas like wall or ceiling drapes, tablecloths, photo booth backdrops, LED lighting features, floral displays, and carpets. You can add more bright colors with vibrant glassware, tableware, and party favors. 

7. Use Flowers as Decor

Alongside draping fabrics and bold-colored decorations, another great way to bring your Bollywood theme party to life is through flowers.

Use centerpieces of fresh flowers to decorate your tablescapes, dessert tables, and any side tables dotted throughout your event space. Hang paper flower chains from the ceiling to the floor or as garlands across the walls. Look for flowers that match your color scheme if you’d like them to blend in, or use a striking bright white to draw attention to them instead.

8. Plan a Lavish Bollywood-Inspired Menu

Your Bollywood party is the perfect opportunity to celebrate Indian food and all the incredible flavors and dishes from India. With so many dishes to choose from, it can take time to narrow down your menu options. 

You can’t go wrong with classic Indian party food dishes like tikka masala, Bombay potatoes, samosas, and a range of chaat snacks. For drinks, prepare favorites like iced masala chai or mango lassi and a range of fresh juices and sodas.

9. Serve a Themed Celebration Cake

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, baby shower, anniversary, or wedding, chances are there’s a delicious cake or dessert involved. Why not have your cake themed to match your Bollywood celebration?

Ask your baker to create a lavish tiered cake with brightly colored icing, or keep things simple with an elegant cheesecake with a bold edible floral decoration. Cut and serve to guests, or hand out cupcakes in a similar design for them to enjoy instead. 

10. Dress the Part

With a grand and stylish celebration, you might want to dress up and have your guests do the same. Put on plenty of bangles with your best saree (or sari), tunic, kurta, salwar kameez, or colorful attire, and dance the night away!

If some of your guests aren’t part of the Indian community, they may not know what to wear or what’s considered appropriate. Put your guests at ease by sharing a dress code with information on some great Bollywood theme party dresses or outfit ideas they can take inspiration from.

11. Plan a Bollywood Inspired Playlist

There are endless incredible songs and soundtracks from Bollywood movies, so you’ll almost have too many to choose from when it comes to putting together a playlist. Still, narrow it down and create a collection of songs to inspire your guests to break out their best Bollywood dance moves.

Add your favorite Bollywood music classics and some modern hits together, or use this playlist of top 50 Bollywood hits to shortcut your way to a party-perfect list. You could even include a request on your digital invitations to ask guests to suggest their favorite songs.

12. Invite a Henna Artist

In addition to socializing, enjoying delicious food, and dancing to Bollywood music classics, hiring a good henna artist is another excellent way to keep your guests entertained.

Find a highly recommended henna artist and book them to create works of art for your guests as part of your celebrations. If you know a friend or family member who’s amazing at henna art, you could ask if they’ll provide a discount or do this for you as a gift.

5 Stunning Invitations for Your Bollywood Theme Party

Introduce your guests to your party theme from the start and impress them with a fun Bollywood or Indian-inspired party invitation.

Some of these invites may be styled for engagement parties, weddings, or birthday parties, but they’re all easy to customize to match the reason you’re celebrating. Simply change the text, and you can turn a wedding invite into a fun birthday party invite. 

Here are some of our favorite designs from the collection.

1. Jewel of the East Invitation

Bollywood theme party: Jewel Of The East Invitation

Design: Kiss by Kohl

We adore the vibrant colors and touch of gold effect on this art deco inspired invitation. It takes inspiration from the architecture in south Mumbai, making it ideal for a Bollywood theme party.

2. Summertime Invitation

Summertime Invitation

Design: Kiss by Kohl

For a design that feels bold yet refreshing, this bird themed invitation is a great choice. The contemporary illustration is ideal for a party inspired by recent Bollywood movies, personalities, or trends.

3. Traditional Mehndi Invitation

Traditional Mehndi Invitation

Design: Robinson Creative House

If your party features henna artistry, this delicate ink-inspired invitation is perfect. The intricate lines and clean fonts create a sophisticated and elegant design.

4. Indian Inspired Invitation

Indian Inspired Invitation

Design: Colin Cowie

Dive deep into rich colors and traditional patterns with this opulent Indian-inspired invitation. This invite is a great choice if you’re celebrating an anniversary or milestone birthday.

5. Fountain Lovebirds Invitation

Fountain Lovebirds Invitation

Design: Kiss by Kohl

Whether you’re looking for a simple Indian wedding invitation or a fun way to invite guests to your birthday party, this fountain-inspired invitation is one of our favorites. The colors feel very Bollywood-inspired, and the illustration and fonts work together to create a modern vibe.

Wow Your Guests with These Fun Bollywood Theme Party Ideas

A Bollywood theme celebration is ideal for a milestone moment. With bold colors, vibrant music, and the best food you could ask for, it’s no surprise that Bollywood theme parties are such a hit.

As you plan your event, use our Indian-inspired invitations to let your guests know all about the upcoming party. There’s a design for any event or theme, and you can customize them to match your celebration perfectly.