Cake pops and cupcakes laid out for a girl's baby shower

You waited your whole life to be a parent. After years of waiting, you’re in a giddy daze picking out adorable baby shower invitations for girls and preparing for her arrival.

You keep imagining what your baby girl’s future will be like. What college will she go to? Will she play an instrument or be the star of the basketball team? Will she be shy, curious, or the life of the party?

You have an entire lifetime to discover the answers to these questions. And all you can do as a parent is shower her with love and affection, setting her up for the best chance of success. Your first opportunity is to throw her a wonderful baby shower, gathering clothes, diapers, and other necessities for when she comes home.

13 Baby Shower Invitations for Girls

If you’re a parent-to-be expecting a baby girl, these adorable invitations may be a wonderful way to welcome her to the world. Gather your friends, family, and other loved ones for an afternoon of games, snacks, and gifts for your little one with these beautiful designs.

1. Boho Baby

Boho Baby baby shower invitations for girls

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Some parents want to dress their baby girl in pink and lace, but oh no, not you. You have other plans. Your little princess is going to be decked out head-to-toe in glitz and glam.

If your sole intention is to shower your girl in shimmer and sparkles, this would be an exquisite baby shower invitation to await her arrival. At the actual party, keep with a baby shower theme of sparkle and gold — letting your friends know a little bit of royalty is about to arrive.

2. Hand Drawn Florals Invitation

Hand Drawn Florals baby shower invitations for girls

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Ever since your gender reveal party allerted friends and family that you’re having a baby girl, the playful jokes haven’t ceased. “Just wait until she starts dating,” says one friend, “Whew, her sweet 16 is going to come faster than you think!” says another.

And while you push all these comments aside, deep down you know one thing for sure: When your baby girl starts dating, she better be showered in hearts and flowers. This baby girl shower invitation sets the stage for your little girl — and all the adoration she’ll receive when she gets here.

3. Baby Rainbow Invitation

Baby Rainbow baby shower invitations for girls

Design: Rachel Roe Art

If you’re ready to throw the mother of all baby showers, this invitation certainly delivers. With bright, playful letters and a hand-painted rainbow, it foreshadows the artwork that will soon hang on the kitchen fridge. Choose from two color palettes, or use the customization tool to select your own, coordinating with your party decor.

4. Bold Onesie Invitation

Bold Onesie baby shower invitations for girls

Design: Shari Margolin Design

This baby shower invite would work for a baby boy or a baby girl. Featuring a large illustration of a onesie, this adorable party invitation comes outfitted in baby blue, pink, or yellow color palettes. The words, “Oh baby!” are written in a fun, cursive font across the top, with the details of the shower printed below. Sure to please all of your guests, this invite is a wonderful way to welcome your bundle of joy.

5. Cactus Blossoms Invitation

Cactus Blossoms baby shower invitations for girls

Design: Signature Greenvelope

A baby is blooming, and her parents are impatiently waiting for her arrival. This adorable invitation would be a wonderful compliment to a garden baby shower with florals serving as decor. So whip up a batch of punch, set up an outdoor buffet, and decorate with plenty of greenery, setting up for a beautiful afternoon.

6. Rose Gold Wreath Invitation

Rose Gold Wreath baby shower invitations for girls

Design: Hooray Creative

You nearly cried when you found out you were having a little girl. And now that she’s almost here, it’s very apparent you have every intention of showering her with love and affection.

This princess baby shower invitation features your girl’s first crown, a wreath of rose gold flowers. Took another way, it could be representing the infinite ways your girl is going to have you wrapped around her little finger.

7. Raining Hearts Invitation

Raining Hearts baby shower invitations for girls

Design: Jen Montgomery

If you’re reading the forecast, this baby invite predicts a heavy rain of hearts and flowers. With a pink and rose gold umbrella illustration, this baby girl invitation is beautifully designed with cursive fonts, heart details, and a white and pink color palette. Ideal for a baby shower brunch, you could start the morning with mini quiches and mimosas (sans the champagne for the mama-to-be, of course), then wrap up the afternoon with shower games and gifts.

8. Stock the Shelves Invitation

Stock the Shelves baby shower invitations for girls

Design: Stacey Meacham Design, LLC

What’s the best part about having a baby girl? Stocking her closet! This girl baby shower invitation features a whimsical trio of shelves, stocked with your little girl’s first belongings. Above, there’s a small hanging sign that says, “We’re stocking the shelves,” encouraging guests to bring a small gift for the shower girl. Afterwards, you’ll be able to thank friends and family with a matching thank you note of the same design and color palette.

9. Animal Friends Invitation

Animal Friends baby shower invitations for girls

Design: Milk and Marrow

Once a new baby arrives in your arms, your life is going to be a total zoo. This cute invitation paves the way for the arrival of your little one, bringing all your friends and loved ones together for a shower. Decorated with baby animals and playful text, it’s a wonderful introduction for your little girl.

10. Stacked Elephants Invitation

Stacked Elephants baby shower invitations for girls

Design: Elizabeth Silver

How adorable is this elephant baby shower invitation? Ideal for a baby girl or baby boy, this invite comes in a spring-inspired color palette, offering different options in pink, blue, or gender-neutral green. Cute baby elephants, sweet stripes, and a carnival-inspired banner make up the majority of the design, inviting friends and family members to enjoy their afternoon with the proud parents-to-be.

11. Floral Watercolor Bands Invitation

Floral Watercolor Bands baby shower invitations for girls

Design: Lissa Anglin

Yes, this pink baby shower invite is technically a wedding invitation, but you can easily customize the text to work for a baby or bridal shower. To personalize the invite, replace the placeholder text with the name of the mother-to-be and the time, date, and location of the shower. If you choose to use it, this particular design has a coordinating thank you note, making it easy to thank guests for their gifts and company.

12. Little Pumpkin Invitation

Little Pumpkin baby shower invitations for girls

Design: Signature Greenvelope

If your baby shower girl is due during autumn, this invitation design may make a wonderful prelude to her arrival. A pale, blush background is covered in a mix of calligraphy and sans serif fonts, framed by various illustrations reminiscent of a beautiful fall day. Cute pumpkins are painted in purple, red, and coral, making it an ideal fit for a girl baby shower.

13. Woodgrain Heart Invitation

Woodgrain Heart baby shower invitations for girls

Design: Stacey Meacham Design, LLC

Is your little bundle of joy already carving out a place in your heart? This rustic design features a wood-grain sketch as a background, covered in a large, graphic pink heart and elegant calligraphy.

With a subtle hint of the outdoors, it may be a wonderful design for a backyard shower — just be sure to put the mother-to-be in the shade! Serve punch, popsicles, and appetizers, then hang up the onesies and other gifts on a clothesline for all to see.

Greenvelope Makes It Easy to Send Baby Shower Invitations

You can barely sit still, impatiently waiting to bring your baby girl home for good. You can hardly think straight, overcome with excitement over your daughter and your future together.

At Greenvelope, we extend our congratulations to you and your growing family, and want your attention focused on your baby — and nothing else. That’s why we try to take the stress out of planning a baby shower. With our advanced guest tracking system, you can easily send invitations to your friends’ inboxes, track RSVPs, and message guests. And when the shower comes to a close, you can send thank you notes to everyone who attended.

The countdown is on for your daughter’s arrival — congratulations once again!