“Selfless” and “timeless” are two words that spring to mind when you spend a few moments with Los Angeles-based lifestyle expert Molly My. Molly founded My Magazine in 2015, after gaining experience in the fields of journalism, public relations and advertising while living in New York City and San Francisco. Initially, My Magazine started as a digital magazine, but today it’s published both digitally and in print. From the start, though, the “selfless” and “timeless” qualities were present, and it was clear that My Magazine was in a class of its own. 

To this day, top of mind for Molly and her staff are well-being and female advocacy, two ideas that have been dear to Molly since she was a teenager. But also, Molly’s aesthetic tastes have always leaned toward classic concepts, on traditions that can’t stop coming back around. 

My Magazine has over time gained a loyal following and has become a place where Molly can share her tastes, the tastes of the magazine’s contributors:

“My Magazine has allowed me to not only share my passions, but to share others’ as well… the true reason I created a magazine was to bring passionate people together and give readers something beautiful, compelling and informative to enjoy.” 

For some time now, we’ve been beyond impressed by Molly’s talents, tastes, and welcoming approach. Which is why we were so excited to chat with Molly and ask her about any summer event tastes and tips she may have, as well as about her journey to influencer status. 

Check out the interview below. But also, did you know that Molly My has her very own design collection on Greenvelope? You can browse all of her gorgeous designs here

Start us off with one party hosting tip.

Enjoy! I’ve been to parties where the host is stressed, overly worried about others, isn’t present, etc. and it brings the whole party down. As a guest, the party just feels off, but you can’t really place your finger on why, unless you really think about it (like I have!). When hosting a party, plan ahead as much as you can and on the day of, bask in the glory. Look around, take it all in, and realize you brought these people together (winner!). 

What has been the most rewarding experience along the way of creating My Magazine? What has been the biggest obstacle?

There have been so many rewarding experiences! Connecting with and building a community of like-minded women is definitely at the top of the list, though. I love hearing how My Magazine has inspired readers by introducing them to something new, enhancing passions, and so on. It’s really nice to have the opportunity to reach and help others on a larger scale — it’s what makes me happiest and exactly why I started My Magazine

The biggest obstacle… learning to let things go! I’m a perfectionist, an over-thinker, and am extremely passionate — all things you’d think aren’t so bad, but when you run a business, you quickly realize that you can only control so much. I’ve had to learn to be a little easier on myself… which isn’t easy at all! 

What’s your favorite type of event to host? Why?

 Birthdays! But, I don’t host as many as I’d like (call me!). Birthdays have always been a big deal (but also holidays in general) in my family. Making people feel special is what parties are all about and birthdays are the icing on the cake! I have a craft closet that’s fully stocked with confetti and candles at all times. When I worked 9-5, I kept a jar of confetti on my desk… there’s always a birthday to celebrate — and they just make me smile! 

What parties/events/types of events do you love to celebrate in the summer?

 Of course, 4th of July (which also happens to be my grandpa’s birthday)! My mom’s and brother’s birthdays are in August, so there’s that too. The summer reminds me of home, America, and how thankful I am to call it mine, and ours. I spend the summers celebrating my family, friends, and the simple things I’m most grateful for — like cold watermelon and freckles! I love celebrating just because. I honestly believe every day is a reason to celebrate, especially in the summer!

Do you find yourself drawn to a particular style of invitation?

No, not really. It depends on my mood, party theme, season, or change in wind direction, ha! Invitations are so personal and my style is ever evolving. I’m drawn to how something makes me feel. I think that’s a good tip for anyone when it comes to identifying personal style — get in touch with your feelings! 

Are there any entertaining or event trends you see on the horizon?

Making bread from scratch (especially sourdough)! It’s one thing I’m personally dying to dig into. I’ve read a lot about the process and it’s a labor of love, for sure. I met someone once who brought their dough to a party because he had to “babysit,” kneading it constantly; otherwise he’d risk a flop! 

 And on that note, homemade jam and chutney (which we have a recipe for inside our summer issue!). If you’re going to go through the work of making bread from scratch, a fresh spread is effort-minimal and it also makes for a thoughtful party favor. 

A rise in mocktails! People are cutting back on alcohol for all sorts of reasons, but health is a huge factor — gatherings used to be focused on drinking and eating all the things you might not otherwise, but these days, there’s a lot more balance. Party drinks and food can be healthy and don’t have to taste bad. Oftentimes alternatives can be really, really delicious — sometimes better than the real deal, and I think people are finally starting to realize this.

In general, people are becoming more confident in their individuality and just doing what feels right and authentic to them, which trickles down to entertaining. Trends are becoming less important — and after all, let’s remind ourselves how trends start — someone confidently moves in a direction, any direction, without a care. Anything can be a trend with a little confidence! 

Can you pick your three favorite Greenvelope designs for summer parties and tell us what you love about them?

Not easy!… so many fun ones.  I’d have to say…

Watermelon Whimsy by Patrice Horvath. Watermelon screams summertime! Need I say more? 

Girl’s Getaway from the Molly My collection. One of my best friends has her bachelorette this summer and I’m counting down the days. This invite makes me so excited for girl time! 

Lastly, Vintage Citrus by Nicole Winn. This reminds me of this adorable café I stumbled upon in Arizona. It’s vintage inspired, but also fresh and inviting.   

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photography by Stefanie Bendt Photography