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Let’s face it.  There is a lot that goes into planning pre-wedding festivities, the wedding and reception, and the honeymoon. Hiring an event planner may be the answer, but remember they want to be your planner, not your personal therapist. So whether you need a shoulder to cry on or just a sounding board, finding the perfect bridesmaid can make all the difference. Here are five signs you found the perfect bridesmaid:

1. Calm Composure: The perfect bridesmaid must be able to remain cool, calm, and collected when faced with last minute fallouts and potential disaster. She must be a rock for the bride.

2. A Sense of Humor: Is Aunt Marie about to drive the bride insane? Lighten the mood by offering to hire young attractive male models to distract Aunt Marie from coming to the wedding.

3. “Just go with it”: The perfect bridesmaid is willing to just dive in and go with whatever it is you want them to wear or do.

4. Proactive: Having a proactive bridesmaid means she is happy to take initiative in helping with planning your wedding.  She will offer to  research best venues and fix problems before you even notice them.

5. Leadership: Being able to connect with the other bridesmaids and help them sort out what they need to do will take a lot of pressure off the bride.