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From humble beginnings as a weddings-only product in a university dorm room to becoming an international digital correspondence and event marketing solution, is, and always has been, dedicated to giving back to our local and global communities. Through the integration of ticketing, registration, and donations alongside our trademark elegant experience, we aim to make it easy for local businesses and nonprofits to standout and get results.

Local businesses and nonprofits are the heart and soul of our communities: helping create opportunities, fueling growth and stimulating economic improvement. This is made possible by being able to connect with advocates, customers, donors, and community members in a meaningful way to build relationships and create value. Greenvelope is here to provide an elegant and eco-friendly way to achieve these goals with ease.

Through our brand new fully-integrated service, you can manage all aspects of your event in one easy-to-use, streamlined system offering:

  • Multi-level Ticketing Solutions
  • Registration Capabilities
  • RSVP Tracking
  • Online Survey Tools
  • Branding and Company Asset Integration
  • Donation Collection
  • Contact List Privacy
  • Secure Payment Processing
  • Advanced Guest List Management

Introduction to Ticketing and Collecting Payments


We are so excited for the events that are going to take place this year that could benefit from our new focused event and ticketing tools! What events are you most excited for? Tell us in the comments section below!