Template birthday card: HBD! on a tablet screen

It’s always a joy to receive a handmade birthday card — but they take time, energy, and creativity. And while it’s easy to pick a card up from the store, they can lack that personal touch. Fortunately, you can get the best of both options with a template birthday card.

Let’s explore what template birthday cards are, why they’re a great option, and how to create and customize your own with Greenvelope. Plus, we’ll share a handful of our most loved designs that’ll inspire you to personalize your own.

What’s a Template Birthday Card?

Template birthday card: Sweet Snapshot Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

A birthday card template is a digital card design that allows you to customize different components while maintaining an overall theme. It features all the design elements that make a birthday card really pop, so you can focus on adding a name, age, and a personal message.

You can get template birthday cards in a variety of designs and for every type of birthday moment. Some designs feature bold illustrations that make a statement, while others give you space to include a beautiful photo — like this sweet snapshot card. All you need to do is add a few personal touches to make the greeting card feel special.

Why Template Birthday Cards Make Perfect Sense

Template birthday card: woman happily using her laptop

One of the major reasons to use template birthday cards is that they’re easy to use. There are many more reasons beyond that, though. Here are some of our favorite reasons to switch to using a happy birthday card template.

Easy to Create

Cheery Cocktails Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Template birthday cards are a great mix between offering you creativity and personalization, while being straightforward to use — even if you’re not particularly artistic or crafty. They do all the heavy lifting, so you’re free to sprinkle in some magic with the help of a birthday greeting or message.

You can create a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind card with no design skills necessary. Don’t dig out the craft box, stickers, confetti, or watercolors; our expert designers have created a range of birthday cards in multiple color options, like this cheery cocktails card. The only thing you need to do is add a personal touch.

Eco Friendly

Some birthday cards travel a long distance to the store, then further to your home and onward to the recipient. By using birthday card templates, you’re reducing the carbon footprint of sending a paper card to celebrate a special day.

Even printable birthday card templates are more environmentally friendly than store-bought ones as they haven’t done any extra traveling to reach you. For the biggest eco-friendly impact, try our digital cards. With no printing required, these cards don’t make a dent on the environment — with over 990,000 pounds of paper saved by our users already.


The cost of birthday cards from the store have soared while the option to DIY also comes at a cost. Template birthday cards help you achieve a personalized balance without the big price tag.

If you’re using a printable greeting card design, pricing is often similar to a store-bought card — but you’ll need to consider material costs and printer rates if you want that professional look. With our online cards, the pricing is simple and affordable — and you can even send a handful of cards with a free trial.

5 Easy Steps to Create Personalized Birthday Cards with Greenvelope

Sending birthday wishes to loved ones couldn’t be easier with the help of template birthday cards. Here’s a tutorial on creating a birthday greeting card with Greenvelope from start to finish.

1. Decide on a Design

Getting Older Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

When you’re ready to create a design, browse through our collection of online birthday cards. Each one is created by expert designers to bring you a range of fresh, contemporary cards that suit a whole range of themes and personalities — like this fun getting older card.

You’re not limited to just our greeting card templates, either. It’s easy to take one of our birthday party invitation templates and change up the wording to transform it into a fun greeting card design. You can do the same with online cards or birthday invitation cards from any category — like congratulations cards, holiday cards, or cocktail party invites. Find a design you know the recipient will love, then customize it for the occasion.

2. Choose Color Options

As you browse through our collection, you’ll notice little circles underneath the design’s name. These represent the available color options that you can choose from, with lots of different choices to reflect the recipient’s tastes.

With many of our designs, you can also call on the help of our design team to create a custom color palette. This lets you completely personalize the colors in the design, which is perfect if the recipient has a favorite color and you want to make the design feel extra personal.

3. Customize the Card

Birthday Bestie Card

Design: Signature Greenvelope

Once you’re all set on color choices, you can start customizing the card. In this step, you’ll be able to add your own wording to the card and add any photos if the design features space for them — like this birthday bestie card.

As you customize your card, you’ll be able to modify text layout, choose fonts, and change color options. There’s a lot of flexibility around making your design feel personal while still keeping the beautiful design that caught your eye in the first place.

4. Add a Personalized Happy Birthday Message

With the main elements of the design personalized, it’s time to make it feel super special with a personal greeting. All our birthday card designs feature plenty of space for you to type in a thoughtful birthday message to the recipient.

Keep it simple with a “Happy Birthday!” or take a look at our funny birthday card wording ideas to get inspiration. Think about your recipient and craft a birthday message with them in mind. The beauty of using an online card is that you can rewrite your greeting as many times as you’d like before sending — so don’t be afraid to get creative!

5. Send or Schedule

When you’re happy with your birthday celebration card it’s time to send it on its way to your recipient. With Greenvelope, it’s easy to send cards via both email and SMS — so you can have your digital card land where they’re most likely to see it.

Finalize your card design, enter the recipient’s details, and get your card ready for sending. You can send it to them straight away, or schedule it for a future date.

Make It Special with Our Template Birthday Card Designs

Template birthday cards give you a wonderfully personalized experience, without the need to get creative or spend your budget with a professional card maker. You can have tons of fun creating a design the recipient will love, even if you’re not artistic yourself.

Use this guide to help you create and send the perfect birthday cards to loved ones and friends. Find their dream birthday card, customize it for a personal touch, and send it on its way to be opened with a smile.