Popular Wedding Invitation Trends for 2019

Like all wedding styles, invitations are constantly changing and evolving. Whether your personal style leans toward classic, modern, rustic, or whimsical, you can set the stage for your wedding celebration with the latest trends in stationery. Keep scrolling to see all the most popular wedding invitation trends for 2019!

Statement Details

Botanical Ampersand by Phrosne Ras | Bold Type by Claudia Owen

Whether it’s a patterned liner, elegant wax seal, or a cluster of pretty stamps, statement details are having a moment (and we’re here for it). This trend is perfect for couples looking to stand out with a little something extra.

Popular Wedding Invitation Trends for 2019

Tone-on-Tone Palettes

Tone on Tone by Colin Cowie | Touch of Adventure by Signature Greenvelope

Tone-on-tone designs don’t have to be boring; in fact, we think they’re pretty chic. Whether this style is achieved through a letterpress effect or by layering monochromatic hues, tone-on-tone invitation designs are trending with classic elegance.

Popular Wedding Invitation Trends for 2019

Mixed Metals

Sequins and Pearls by Luly Yang

Whether it’s rust-colored paper with copper details or a slate-colored background with silver-foil accents, invitation styles with mixed metals have become an applauded trend in wedding stationery. Often used to generate a unique first impression or hint at an overarching wedding theme, mixed metals are ideal for couples who value an added touch of creativity.

Popular Wedding Invitation Trends for 2019

Clean and Modern

Vertical Love by Owl and Toad | Marble Edge by Ocean + Coral Creative

2019 is the year for clean lines and minimalism. Complete with deliberate white space and sparse blocks of text, this modern design style is an adored trend that just continues to grow in popularity.

Popular Wedding Invitation Trends for 2019

Romantic Hand Lettering

Here Comes The Bride by Anya Felch

Trendy, chic, and endlessly romantic, we love how a typeface set with hand-lettered charm can add soft, feminine elegance to an invitation design.

Popular Wedding Invitation Trends for 2019

Garlands and Wreaths

Rustic Pine Garlands by Becky Nimoy Stationery | Romantic Floral Border by WonderWed

Whether it’s a colorful silk flower garland or a greenery-inspired wreath with clusters of eucalyptus, this trend captures a unique elegance through earthy tones and organic-feeling elements. Matching simplicity of design with purposeful layouts, each detail is sure to add a compelling touch of charm to any wedding celebration.

Popular Wedding Invitation Trends for 2019

Deckle Edges

Forever by Claudia Owen | Botanique by Signature Greenvelope

Unlike the clean, crisp paper you might be used to, deckle edge invitations have rough-cut edging that offers a soft, feathery charm. If you’re hoping to generate a romantic vibe at your special event, a deckle edge invitation is perfect for a more delicate, antique-looking style.

Popular Wedding Invitation Trends for 2019


Luxurious Watercolor by Claudia Owen | Sunset at Zion by National Park Foundation

Often described as whimsical and dreamy, watercolor invitations are just as beautiful as they sound. From soft, hazy designs to vibrant, watered-down strokes, formal and casual celebrations alike can work with this artful look.

Popular Wedding Invitation Trends for 2019

Full Photo

Elegant Overlay by Owl and Toad | Full Photo by Claudia Owen

Not only do we love invitations that feature a personal photo, we especially love full-photo designs that beautifully dance off the page. Whether your photo depicts a rustic image captured in the rural outdoors, or a more urban setting with modern city flare, incorporating a photo that truly represents you is the perfect way to kick off your celebration.

Popular Wedding Invitation Trends for 2019

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