Family Friendly Super Bowl Party

It’s not an official holiday (but it should be). In fact, the Super Bowl is one of the most celebrated sporting events in the U.S., and is watched by football fans and sports newbies alike. So there’s no reason not to go big—especially if you’re hosting. Here are some helpful tips to plan a memorable celebration that’s both fun and family-friendly.

Guest List & Invitations

The Super Bowl is one of those rituals where football fanatics and non-sports fans can come together in celebration. It really doesn’t matter if some of your guests don’t know the difference between a kickoff or punt—they’re still going to show up with enthusiasm (and a seven-layer dip). So whether you’re inviting family, friends, or the whole neighborhood, you can set the tone for a memorable party with a perfectly themed digital invitation. Browse our entire Super Bowl collection here to start customizing.

Activities for Non-Sports Fans

Keep in mind that not everyone will be glued to the TV. It’s a good idea to include a variety of games for any non-sports fans (or children with short attention spans!) There are tons of themed games to consider, like these nine ideas from Brit + Co. They’re festive, fun, and your guests will still feel included and spirited. Along with games, we recommend creating an upbeat playlist of music for areas away from the TV where guests might be mingling.

Menu Planning

From chicken wings and chili to nachos and sliders, there are tons of hearty game-day recipes to choose from. There is usually a general understanding that the Super Bowl is a day of celebratory indulgence, so it’s best to pass on anything that recommends kale chips as a replacement for actual chips. However, if kids and families are invited, it is always worth noting potential allergies. Use your Greenvelope invite to easily ask about dietary restrictions, and avoid having to call any menu-related audibles on gameday. Whether you’re cooking up the full menu or just contributing dishes potluck-style, we recommend checking out these recipes from The Kitchn.

Brews & Drinks

Beer is a given at any Super Bowl party—so make sure your coolers are properly stocked. In addition, it’s always fun to include a cocktail (or two!) Here is some recipe inspiration with a variety of options your guests are sure to love. Be sure to include non-alcoholic drink options as well, and not just water. We love these spritzer and mocktail recipes, as they can easily be served with or without spirits.


The key to pulling off any party is in the details. And when it comes to the big game, the possibilities are endless. We’re super impressed by Layne Henderson’s decorating ideas (all 17 of them!) But don’t fret over decor either – some simple colorful banners and well-placed football memorabilia will go a long way.

How will you be celebrating the Super Bowl weekend? Share your favorite party planning details with us in the comments section below or on Facebook!