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14 Gala Themes and Party Ideas for a Memorable Event

Gala themes: people happily clapping their hands

Galas are a fabulous and fun way to unite people, raise money for important causes, and recognize important milestones. Whether it’s mingling mixers that serve as awards ceremonies or fashionable fetes with big-ticket auction items, galas usually have one thing in common: a theme.

Here, you’ll discover a variety of gala themes for your next event. From a casino night fundraiser to a masquerade ball to a superhero soiree and beyond, discover 14 gala themes — including decor ideas, dress code suggestions, and other details — for a successful event.
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Prom Invitations: Top Tips and Designs to Prep for the Big Night

Prom invitations: Art Deco Border Invitation

When prom season approaches, it’s time to start making plans to ensure students have an incredible time. In addition to choosing a fun prom theme and fantastic party supplies, you also want prom invitations that feel as special as the event itself.

In this guide, we’ll share tips on creating memorable prom invitations and expert hints on how to make the experience easier. We’ll also share some of our favorite prom invitations to suit various themes.
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17 Baseball Birthday Party Ideas for Your Little Slugger’s Celebration

Baseball birthday party: boy smiling at the camera

If your kid can’t stop talking about sports idols like Shohei Ohtani, Mookie Betts, or Lou Gehrig, throwing a baseball-themed birthday party is a fantastic way to celebrate their special day and love for the sport!

Here, you’ll find some of our favorite baseball birthday party ideas, including venue options, creative decor, and games and activities to entertain guests. You’ll also discover baseball-themed birthday invitations that you can customize now.
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24 Ideas to Help You Create Stunning Graduation Announcement Cards

Graduation announcement cards

Someone special has reached that big milestone in life — they’re now a grad! To share the happy news with family, friends, and colleagues, it’s time to create a graduation announcement card.

To help simplify the process, we’re sharing our top tips for creating and sending graduation announcement cards, including wording inspiration. We’ll also share some of our favorite grad announcement card designs you can customize now.
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Best Graduation Gifts for Him: 18 Ways to Celebrate the Grad

Graduation gifts for him: man happily hugging a woman on their graduation day

Ready to celebrate a special grad? Whether you’re congratulating a friend, family member, or partner, this list of the best graduation gifts for him will help you express how proud you are of his hard work and dedication. From high school to college graduation gifts, we’ve got you covered. Best of all, this list of graduation gifts for him offers something to suit a variety of budgets.
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Graduation Gifts for Her: 13 Ways to Mark This Milestone

Graduation gifts for her: woman showing her diploma while smiling at the camera

Celebrating a recent grad? Whether she conquered high school, completed her first college degree, or earned a Ph.D., it’s time for a little recognition. Why not honor the hard work and dedication behind these achievements with the best graduation gifts for her? From practical gifts to stylish keepsakes, this list of ideas spans a variety of budgets and will help her celebrate the next chapter in her life. 
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Baby Shower Favors: 17 Ways to Show Your Appreciation

Baby shower favors: pregnant woman hugging her friend

Whether you’re the parent-to-be or a friend, family, or coworker planning a baby shower, there’s nothing like welcoming a new little bundle of joy into the world. 

Naturally, your guests will be showering the guest of honor with baby shower gifts. And chances are, you’ll want to express your gratitude by sending guests home with baby shower favors. To that end, take a look at our list of creative baby shower favors, from easy DIY options to personalized and practical tokens of appreciation.
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12 Adorable Valentine’s Day Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Valentine's Day pregnancy announcement: pregnant woman throwing small paper hearts up into the air

The holiday of love is coming up and you have some exciting news of your own to share. What better way to create even more joy than to combine the two? If you have your heart set on a Valentine’s Day pregnancy announcement, we’re here to help make it happen! 

Discover fun ideas and top tips for planning an announcement to share with loved ones whether it’s in person, online, or in an announcement card.
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PTA Meeting Tips and Ideas for Collaborative and Engaging Events

PTA meeting: parents talking to each other

Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meetings are an important tool for building partnerships between parents, school staff, and community members. If you’re in charge of running a PTA meeting, you’ll need to be an effective planner and communicator.

Here, we are sharing some of our top tips for creating engaging and collaborative PTA meetings, from simple reminders like greeting attendees at the door to guidelines on structuring the meeting.
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Valentine Cards for Kids: 12 DIY, Printable, and Digital Designs

Valentine cards kids: mother and daughter making Valentine's cards

Valentine’s Day is coming up and your little (and not-so-little) ones want to celebrate the holiday with their classmates, friends, and family members. Luckily, there are plenty of adorable Valentine cards for kids and fun gift-giving ideas to help them enjoy the holiday.

If you’re searching for classroom Valentine’s Day cards or inspiration for parties, gifts, and activities, you’re in the right place. Discover easy DIY ideas, printable and digital cards, and cute things to do together to celebrate this day of love.
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