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46 Thoughtful Ways to Say “Congratulations on Your Achievement”

Congratulations on your achievement: round of applause congratulations card

There are so many moments in life worth celebrating. When someone does an amazing job or reaches a long-awaited goal, a heartfelt “congratulations on your achievement” message is a wonderful way to highlight their efforts and celebrate the outcome. 

Whether a loved one is heading to college or a close friend has scored their dream job, here’s how to recognize a special someone’s achievement through a sincere message.
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Host a Whimsical Woodland Baby Shower with These Enchanting Ideas

Different kinds of Woodland baby shower invitation cards

Looking for a baby shower theme that’s sure to make your party a hoot? Look no further than a woodland baby shower. 

Woodland parties are perfect for welcoming a new baby to the family. With this party theme, you can get creative with curious critters — think adorable foxes and owls, raccoons and squirrels, rabbits and deer. Natural elements like colorful mushrooms, forests, and earthy florals complete the magical backdrop. Here are some of our favorite woodland baby shower ideas and invitations that guarantee a lovely (and lively) celebration.
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Butterfly Baby Shower Invitations: 10 Designs to Make You Flutter

Butterfly baby shower invitations: baby shower invitation card

Butterflies are symbols of rebirth, hope, and spirituality, with their popularity dating back centuries. It’s no surprise that these dainty creatures are a favorite motif when celebrating the birth of a new little bundle of joy. The butterfly’s journey from a tiny caterpillar to a beautiful flying creature is symbolic of your own baby’s growth. 

If you’re looking to host a butterfly baby shower, you’ll need invitations to match. Discover butterfly baby shower invitations ranging from dainty and magical to bold and captivating, plus get ideas on what to include as part of your message.
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Make Your Teacher Smile with These Teacher Appreciation Cards

Make Your Teacher Smile with These Teacher Appreciation Cards

Teachers do an impressive job all year round, so it makes sense that we seek out moments like Teacher Appreciation Day to celebrate their dedication. Sending teacher appreciation cards is a simple yet powerful way to show that you’re grateful for their hard work. 

Whether you’re sending a Teacher Appreciation Day card or simply want to send a thank you card to an amazing instructor, we have all the ideas you need. Get ready to find plenty of wording ideas, gift inspiration, and some of our favorite teacher appreciation cards. 

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13 Funeral Invitation Designs to Honor a Loved One

Funeral invitation card

It can be an incredibly difficult time when a loved one passes away. Not only are you dealing with the emotional experience of saying goodbye, but you’re also going through the process of planning a memorial service. Once you know the details of the location, date, and time of the funeral service, you can send out funeral invitations. Here, we’ll show you what to include in a funeral invitation as well as designs that will help you honor your loved one in a special, heartfelt way.
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13 Ideas for Father’s Day: Fun and Creative Ways to Celebrate Dad

Ideas for Father's Day: father and daughter baking together

Father’s Day is a special day to honor Dad. It’s a day to show how much you appreciate his knowledge, time, and care over the years. Plus, it’s a fun day to indulge in all of his favorite activities. 

From outdoorsy adventures and hand-crafting goods to playing golf, getting techie, and enjoying foodie delights, there’s a way to celebrate every kind of dad. Whether you’re celebrating a stepdad, biological dad, new dad, adopted father, or other special father figure, here are some great ideas for Father’s Day along with corresponding cards to inspire you.
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17 Retirement Party Ideas to Honor Someone Special

Retirement party ideas: retirement invitation card

If someone special is approaching their retirement, ensure they leave in style with a fabulous retirement celebration. It’s the perfect way to honor their achievements, celebrate them, and offer well wishes for the next stage of their life journey.

Whether you’re planning an office party for a colleague or hosting a celebration for your best friend, here’s how to give them the send-off they truly deserve. Enjoy these retirement party ideas to help you plan an unforgettable celebration. 
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Princess Baby Shower Ideas Fit for a Queen (And a Little Princess)

Princess baby shower: baby shower table decoration

There’s nothing as adorable as a princess baby shower. If you’re looking for a fun and joyful baby shower party theme, this is up there as one of the favorites. It’s the perfect way to welcome the upcoming arrival of a little princess.

Here are all the party ideas you need to plan the ultimate princess baby shower for a very special someone. We’ve got decor ideas, menu inspiration, plans for fun and games, and party favor delights. Plus, we’ll share some of our most loved princess baby shower invites. So, grab your tiara and your best gown, and let the royal baby shower party planning commence!

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Our Favorite Eco-Friendly Party Decorations for Any Celebration

Eco friendly party decorations: table with candles and flowers

Hosting an eco-friendly party doesn’t mean throwing out your decorating ideas. You can style a show-stopping event using eco-friendly party decorations. 

Make the switch to more eco-friendly party decorations with some of our all-time favorite party decor items. Your guests will be amazed at how fun and festive environmentally friendly decor can be. 
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10 Creative Mother’s Day Ideas, Plus Cards and Invites to Match

Mothers day ideas: Mother's Day card

Moms do so much for us. From kissing the blues away and celebrating our greatest successes to just lending an ear, moms are true superstars. That’s why it’s a joy to celebrate them on Mother’s Day. Not only do we honor their sacrifices, but we also celebrate their fighting spirit and loving attitudes.

Whether you’re looking for Mother’s Day ideas for your biological mom, adoptive parent, mother-in-law, or a motherly figure in your life, you’ll find a way to celebrate with this list. Plus, we’ve paired each idea with an inspiring invitation or Mother’s Day card option so you can invite your mom to a fun activity or simply send loving wishes her way. 
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