First of all, we love alliteration. Second of all, we love to help customers plan big corporate gatherings and weddings, but we really like for folks to use our services to plan smaller gatherings as well. So today, we’re rounding up party themes that we dig.

Justin: Justin likes to dress up. His hair always looks immaculate. Justin was jealous that his friend threw a Prohibition-era party while he was out of town, but since the 30s are so in right now, we can just have another party. Who doesn’t love luxe velvet curtains and fringe, right?

Lauren: Lauren can make a party out of anything. She likes seasonal themes; last spring, she and some friends hosted a fete featuring bunnies, pastel streamers, seersucker shorts, crepe paper, carrots, and more bunnies. And mimosas.

Jesse: Jesse is all about vegan potlucks: small, low-key, fueled by red wine. One of her favorites was breakfast themed. She made a sweet potato casserole with maple syrup and wore a cushy bathrobe. Her friend made her famous vegan pastry crust filled with tofu quiche. Everyone wore slippers and drank Bloody Marys.

Sam: Sam would probably want a Greenvelope-themed party. Just kidding! If there was a way to combine rock climbing and the 70s, Sam would be ready to go. Lauren thinks Sam would wear tie-dye bike shorts and an American flag t-shirt, plus some rock-climbing shoes to this party. Groovy!

Long story short, we have invitations customizable for any of your theme party needs!