Advanced Send and Track Page Filtering

Within a particular event, hosts now have the ability to utilize advanced filtering on the ‘Send’ page. This is especially helpful for sending event-specific messages to a selection of guests that meet a detailed criteria (tags, RSVP status, etc.)

Auto-renew Available for Memberships

To ensure you never lose access to your account, or just one less thing to worry about, we now have an ‘auto-renew’ option for all Greenvelope members. As always, you can still opt to pay manually by keeping auto-renew turned off.

In-depth Insights for Eventworks Accounts

To get company-wide mailing insights, we now offer custom analytics as an optional feature for multi-user Eventworks accounts. Whether tracking RSVP or open rates, analytics are available aggregated for the entire account or broken down across users. Eventworks makes it effortless to track all the analytics you need to optimize your events and marketing efforts.

Firewall Friendly Version for International Business Clients

If in the rare instance that you are sending to international businesses who are unable to open a browser window from within an email, we can offer a “Firewall-Friendly” version, which skips the animation process and instead allows those guests to RSVP directly from within the email. Please contact your Event and Marketing consultant for access to this feature.

Export Messages in Excel

To ensure that messages are exported with special characters in-tact, especially important for messages that are not in English, we now allow messages to be exported in Excel in addition to CSV.

New Referral Program for Greenvelope Customers

We are thrilled to announce a new referral program for our valued Greenvelope customers. As a big “Thank You!” to our Greenvelope fans, you can now send Greenvelope credit to your friends and family, and when they redeem their credit you get a credit in return. Win-win-win!

To can view our full updated features list here.