The holiday season is a time of celebration, a time to give thanks for the many blessings, cherished memories, and significant people in our lives. Homes fill with the familiar scent of gingersnap cookies rising in the oven, mornings are spent snuggled in warm blankets with mugs of hot coffee, and days are filled with anticipation as the holidays move ever closer. But for kids in foster care, the holidays can be a difficult time, many of whom face the season without parents, relatives, or siblings. Their holiday season is not often filled with the warmth and joyous anticipation familiar to many of us, but instead is often etched with uncertainty as to whether there will be even a single present with their name on the tag. That is why this holiday season, is dedicating 5% of all purchases made through December 20th to help give foster kids a brighter holiday.

This idea was first envisioned in one of Greenvelope’s morning meetings, when our intern Alexa came to Sam (boundless team supporter, CEO and founder) with an idea to make a positive impact for those who need it most. While much of our charities and contributions have thus far been focused on sustainability and nature conservation, Sam and the rest of the team were thrilled by an opportunity to brighten the holidays for foster children in our community. Alexa quickly settled on the local Seattle nonprofit Treehouse, inspiring the entire team as she passionately described their mission and fervent dedication to  a world where every child has the opportunities and support they need to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential.

Treehouse has served over 7,000 Washington youth, providing 95,782 items of clothing, toys and supplies to foster children. Additionally, it has provided hundreds of students with academic, extracurricular, and developmental support throughout the years. No one is a bigger proponent of their services and resources than our own Director of Sales Michelle Blanchard, a foster parent of two. “Treehouse’s support is of immeasurable value to both Foster Children and the Parents who care for them. Gifts and toys are of course an important and joyous part of the holidays, but Treehouse offers so much more than just that. Due to unfortunate circumstances, my foster daughter didn’t learn to crawl as most children would, leading to her having underdeveloped muscles in her hands. Through Treehouse she will be able to participate in gymnastics classes with other children her age, where she will be able to develop those muscles and skills… not to mention just getting the chance to play and grow and learn with other kids her age… it is just priceless to be able give that to her!”

With your help, we will be able to make a difference in the lives of dozens of foster kids by providing them with new toys, books, warm winter clothes, and extracurricular and academic support.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Make any purchase through from December 1st-December 20th and 5% of your purchase will go to Treehouse. Log in to your account here
  • Make a cash gift online here
  • Check out the Treehouse holiday wish list

Please join us this holiday season in not only celebrating our own blessings, but in helping provide blessings for others in need.