Eco chic birthday party

We have Natalie with Sustainably Chic joining us on the blog today. She’s our go-to expert for all things sustainable, especially when it comes to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle! Today, she’s here to share her top-5 tips for pulling off an eco-chic birthday party.

Most birthday parties I recall growing up typically came with a ton of waste and trash bags full of disposables. It’s usually the time you are more worried about the decorating or the guests enjoying themselves. Of course, these are still important, but there is a way you can have a totally eco-chic birthday party without mounds of trash at the end.

1. Go Paperless

That means no paper invitations, plates, napkins or cups! Greenvelope has all the tools you need to plan your guest list and invites. Through their customizable templates, you can create fun & beautiful personalized birthday invitations. They include RSVP tracking, and you can even match up your greeting with an e-envelope {see how it pops out in my photo?} If you need to show more information for your guests {like a map for directions}, you are able to attach a details page viewers can click on for all those extra deets. Also, if you don’t have enough utensils at your home for the party, borrow from friends. I think mismatching tableware is the sweetest – adds character!

2. Make the Menu Local

Do all of your food shopping at the farmer’s market. It’s less expensive and more special! Maybe you won’t find everything you are looking for, but it’s a start and the rest of your list can be filled in by the grocery store.

3. Decorate with items you already have OR could use again.

{sorry, leave the balloons alone}. I try to keep my decorations holiday-neutral so I can use them throughout the year. You may be wondering how in the world I do that, but twinkle lights and red & white bunting can be used for almost any holiday! Pinterest can help give you loads of tips for home DIYs, too.

4. Make sure to have a recycle bin handy for any recyclable drink bottles.

I see it all the time – if a recycle bin isn’t handy, the bottle always ends up in the trash! Decorate it with plants and lights to really attract everyone’s attention so they don’t casually make their way to your kitchen trash can.

5. Send home plant party favors.

The best way to spread your love of everything eco is through your friends. Don’t let them leave without a way to improve their green thumb!

A huge thank you to Natalie for joining us today and sharing all of her party planning tips.