Digital pregnancy announcement: pregnancy announcement on a tablet screen and some baby stuff

You have some big news you want to share and a digital pregnancy announcement is the perfect way to do it. It’s easy to let all your loved ones know at once, wherever they are in the world. Get ready to create your dream digital pregnancy announcement with these helpful tips about what to include and what to say, plus discover some of our favorite digital card designs to inspire your baby reveal.

Planning Your Digital Pregnancy Announcement

Before you can share your news, you first need to get a few things in order — like how you want to share it, what you want to say, and what imagery you’d like to use. Here’s how to make your digital pregnancy announcement happen.

1. Decide Where You Want to Announce the News

Digital pregnancy announcement: Cupid Has Been Busy Announcement

Design: Hudson Meet Rose (photo courtesy of Carina Skrobecki)

One of the first steps to planning your digital pregnancy announcement is to decide where you’ll be sharing the news. Will it be via social media, email, text message, on your website, or a video?

Think about the medium you’ll use, then plan accordingly. For instance, if you’re making a social media announcement, you can keep it simple by sharing a photo of you with the sonogram and a caption. Or if you want to send something by email or text, consider selecting one of Greenvelope’s digital pregnancy announcement cards — like this adorable Cupid Has Been Busy design — that allows plenty of space for a photo of the expectant parent(s)-to-be.

2. Define Your Style

Next up, think about what kind of theme or styling you’d like for your digital pregnancy announcement — perhaps you want something playful, poignant, or religious. Some of the most popular motifs include boho, baby animals, safari, teddy bears, rainbows, onesies, gender neutral, minimalist, retro, letterboards, and stars. Pastel color schemes are always a hit for pregnancy announcements, but you could certainly opt for a luxe black and gold or vibrant retro look instead.

3. Gather Your Announcement Images

With your ideas flowing, it’s time to move on to one of the most fun steps — preparing your digital pregnancy announcement images! Snap a photo of your ultrasound picture, the happy parent(s)-to-be, or create a DIY digital image with things you love that match your theme.

You can also create an announcement photo using a pregnancy announcement template. You can buy these digital files from places like Etsy, then customize the dates and text on the photos to match your own. Upload the design to Greenvelope and you’ll have your own bespoke digital pregnancy announcement card

If you want to keep things simple, browse our beautiful collection of pregnancy announcements that you can personalize and send within minutes.

4. Prepare Any Details You Want to Share with Loved Ones 

Your digital pregnancy announcement can be short and sweet — revealing only that you’re expecting and the due date or month. On the other hand, you might want to share more information — like a gender reveal, the baby’s name, or what you’ve been most excited about so far. Your announcement card is also the perfect space to share details about the journey to come.

If you know people will ask, you can use the space on your digital pregnancy announcement to mention that you’re planning a baby shower soon, with details about a gift registry. You could share that you plan to keep the pregnancy relatively private, or that you’ll document the milestones with a pregnancy blog or regular updates. This is a good moment to set the tone for how you’d like your pregnancy journey to go.

5. Share Your Digital Pregnancy Announcement

With your theme chosen, images ready, and details all set, it’s time to announce the news! Prepare your social media images or make the final touches to your digital pregnancy announcement card. Find a moment of quiet to hit send, then excitedly wait for your loved ones to comment and reply with their congratulations.

Wording Ideas for Your Digital Baby Announcement

Digital pregnancy announcement: Twinkle Little Star Cake Announcement

Design: Becky Nimoy Stationery

Even when you’re ready to share your big news, you still might be looking for the right words. Maybe you’re keeping the gender a secret, or want to reveal it with a card — like this Twinkle Little Star Cake announcement. Take a look at these digital pregnancy announcement wording ideas to inspire your own message.

Sweet Pregnancy Announcements

A new baby is on the way and you want to announce your excitement in a lovely, sweet way. Here are some ideas for sharing the news:

  • Our wishes have come true. Baby [Surname] coming in [Month/Year].
  • There’s an adorable baby girl on the way!
  • We’re expecting a beautiful baby boy in [season] and we’re already in love!
  • I’m going to be a [mom/dad]! Baby [Surname] coming soon.
  • We’re over the moon to share that we’re expecting a baby in [Month/Year].

Funny Pregnancy Announcements

If there’s ever a moment to laugh (albeit somewhat nervously) at what’s to come, it’s when you’re expecting a newborn! Here are some funny ways to announce that you’re expecting:

  • We’re expecting! Where’s the manual?!
  • Uh oh, life’s about to change in a BIG way!
  • [Name] is about to become a big brother. Look how excited he is!
  • Pregnancy is a real rollercoaster. I can’t wait to get off and see their little face.
  • I’m about to be drowning in diapers. Send help!

Seasonal Pregnancy Announcements

Whether you’re making a seasonal Halloween pregnancy announcement or Thanksgiving pregnancy announcement, or a spring-themed baby reveal, here are some ideas to share your message:

  • We’re expecting a little pumpkin this fall on [date]!
  • Special delivery: The stork’s on its way this spring to bring us new life.
  • No, that’s not a beach ball. That’s my belly! Welcoming baby [Name], due this summer.
  • Our family photo this Christmas will look a little different. Baby [Surname] is on their way!
  • Player two incoming. Baby [Surname] is joining the team on [Month/Year]!

Share Your News with These Sweet Pregnancy Reveal Cards

With so many pregnancy announcement ideas to choose from, it’s hard to know which direction to go in. To help you out, we’re sharing some of our most loved pregnancy announcement cards.

Each of these designs can be customized — change the layout, colors, fonts, and wording to create your own special moment. Add your photo to one of the many photo card templates, or keep things simple with sweet illustrations. Plus, you can use the same design for your birth announcement when your little wonder arrives.

Vibrant Polka Dots Announcement

Vibrant Polka Dots Announcement

Design: Snow + Ivy (photo courtesy of Sachi Anand Photography)

This charming polka dots announcement card is full of color, thanks to the polka dots that you can request in any color. Add a bump reveal photo or a snap of your ultrasound photo, and you have a bright and joyful gender-neutral baby announcement card.

We’re Expecting Announcement

We're Expecting Announcement

Design: Signature Greenvelope

One of the most exciting parts of this We’re Expecting announcement is the editable calendar. Share your due date in a fun and simple way by placing the heart over the big day. Plus, there’s space for a cute photo alongside your announcement.

Really Big News Announcement

Really Big News Announcement

Design: Tennie & Co

Share that you’re expecting with this fun and contemporary announcement card. On the reverse, you can choose “boy” or “girl” and share a few details about your upcoming arrival.

Blessed Wreath Announcement

Blessed Wreath Announcement

Design: Claudia Owen

This Blessed Wreath announcement is a lovely way to share some very special news. The gentle illustrations and soft color palette make this perfect for an elegant fall digital pregnancy announcement.

Prepare the Perfect Digital Pregnancy Announcement

It’s almost time to share your big news! Use this guide to help you plan your reveal in a thoughtful way that’s true to who you are and what you want. When you’re ready to make your exciting news public, choose one of our digital pregnancy announcement cards. Customize it with your details, then send it to your loved ones and enjoy all the responses you receive about your new arrival. Congratulations!