Tips for Writing a Baptism Invitation, Plus 9 Designs You’ll Love

Welcoming a new child into the church is a joyous occasion. You’ve set the date, started dreaming up the decor, and settled on the final guest list. Next, you need to invite your friends and loved ones to the special day. When it’s time to celebrate your baby’s baptism, there are hundreds of stunning baptism invitation designs to choose from.

For many parents, figuring out the right wording for your digital invitations can be hard. We’ve created this handy guide to help you write a beautiful baptism invitation. You’ll learn what words to use and what information to include on the invite. Plus, you’ll find baptism invitation designs for every type of christening.

Baptism Invitation Wording

Baptism Invitation Wording

When it comes to writing your invitation, word choice is important. The words you use to invite friends to a birthday party will be very different from the words you use to invite colleagues to a baptism. For baptism invitations, using religious icons and themes is a great way to celebrate your child joining the church.

References to heaven and Christ’s family are right at home on these types of invitations. You can personalize your baptism invite by choosing a special bible verse or poem about baptism such as Isaiah 51:16, which says “I have held thee in the palm of my hand.” Another popular verse is Mark 10:16, “And He took the children in His arms, put His hands on them and blessed them.” Additionally, words like “joyous”, “lovingly”, and “precious gift” infuse the spirit of the event into your invitation.

When writing a baptism invite, include who is hosting the event. In most cases, this will be the parents, but sometimes it will also include grandparents and godparents. Start the invite by addressing who is inviting the guests. Here are some examples:

  • Sally and Joe Smith invite you to welcome their child into God’s Kingdom.
  • Jordan Johnson and Tom Tillerson along with godparents Sally and Tina Jones ask you to join in welcoming their child with love into the church.
  • Join us in celebrating our precious gift from heaven at Jonathan’s baptism.

For formal invites, use the full names of the hosts. Make sure to include any titles such as Pvt, Cpl, or Ph.D. when relevant. For informal invites or small events, you can use first names only.

Information to Include on Your Baptism Invite

Information to Include on Your Baptism Invitation

While invites are stylish and stunning, they also need to be informative. A well-written invite will include vital information for loved ones and guests, including where they should go and when. You can also include any special details or gift requests so guests know exactly what to expect.

Here are a few things you should include on your baptism invitation:

  • Full name of the child being baptized
  • Names of the parents, godparents, and grandparents of the child
  • Names of the hosts of the baptism if it’s not the parents
  • Date and time of the baptism
  • The location of the baptism
  • Information about a reception if you’re having one, including time and location
  • Dress code information if needed
  • RSVP cards or a section to respond to the invite

Not every event is the same so there isn’t one right way to write a baptism invitation. Focus on your event and make sure to include all the important details when sending out your invites.

9 Exquisite Baptism Invitation Designs

When it comes to baptism and christening invitations, the options are endless. You can find gender-specific invitations, including girl baptism invitations with delicate script and pink hues and boy baptism invitations with thick fonts and blue and green colors. You can also find gender-neutral options and design styles that range from sweet and soft to funky and vibrant. Here are nine of our favorite baptism invitation ideas.

1. Verdant Cross Invitation

Verdant Cross Baptism Invitation

Design: Bonjour Berry

Invite guests to a beautiful event with this cross baptism invitation. The soft colors and succinct font make it ideal for both sophisticated affairs and understated events. The foil cross has a hint of shimmer, surrounded by lush vegetation.

2. Monogram Crest Invitation

Monogram Crest Baptism Invitation

Design: Dear Kathryn

This watercolor baptism invitation allows you to customize the monogram banner to add a regal note to your child’s special day. It also works great as a watercolor birth announcement and for springtime events.

3. Beautiful Baptism Invitation

Beautiful Baptism Invitation

Design: Phrosne Ras

Looking for a stunning way to celebrate this precious occasion? This romantic invitation features ethereal elements including wreath boughs and foil script to celebrate your child’s baptism. Customize it with pink, green, or purple pastel hues.

4. Petite Daisies Invitation

Petite Daisies Baptism Invitation

Design: Paper Raven Co.

This religious invitation blends religious imagery with soft florals to invite guests to celebrate a joyous baptism. The cross is pressed in foil adding a glittering element while the delicate daisies add a touch of fun. Make it your own by customizing the text, font, and background colors, as well as the digital envelope.

5. Smiling Lamb Invitation

Smiling Lamb Baptism Invitation

Design: Shari Margolin Design

Nothing is sweeter than a soft, fluffy lamb. With this sweet invitation, you can invite guests to your child’s baptism with a simple, lovable design. The classic text adds a minimalist feel, and the card can be customized with a vibrantly colored background for a bolder statement.

6. Soft Leaves Invitation

Soft Leaves Baptism Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

Photo cards are a great way to personalize your digital invitations. This angelic invitation features a sweeping script and comes in a range of soft hues to add a delicate touch. You can make it your own by adding your favorite photo of you and your precious baby. It’s a great invite choice for baptisms, christenings, first communions, and confirmations.

7. Modern Mosaic Invitation

Modern Mosaic Baptism Invitation

Design: Rebecca Durflinger Design

This modern invitation effortlessly blends contemporary designs with classic religious themes. The foil cross is laid over a geometric pattern that invokes visions of stained glass in some of the most exquisite churches. It’s ideal for upscale baptisms as well as more formal events.

8. Floral Bat Mitzvah Invitation

Floral Bat Mitzvah Baptism Invitation

Design: Claudia Owen

This architectural invitation features scalloped edges and watercolor floral accents that make it both elegant and understated. It’s ideal for baby showers, bat mitzvahs, baptisms, and spring brunch events.

9. Hand Lettered Baptism

Hand lettered baptism invitations

Design: Pink House Press (photo courtesy of Julia Kinnunen Photography)

Make your child the star of the day with this photo invitation. Your child’s photo dominates the background of the invitation while hand lettering announces the special event and details in the foreground.

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