Throughout the coming months, we are excited to showcase the wide variety of styles and personalities of 11 incredible featured Greenvelope couples. While every single one of these weddings has a distinctive style and flair, they all share a common core of elegance and sustainability. Join us and get inspired as these couples share their tips for wedding planning, DIY projects, wedding inspiration, and more.

Without further ado, here is a sneak peek at our 11 featured Greenvelope couples:

Bianca and Tad

Bianca & Tad

For those who are a fan of the unconventional, you will adore this free-spirited bohemian wedding. The wedding took place over an entire weekend where friends and family camped, practiced yoga, and attended a romantic and meaningful honey ceremony.

Gina and Vincent

Gina & Vincent

You will instantly adore this bubbly couple who personalized their special day with nontraditional vibrant paper flowers and playful details, while the reception was made extra sweet with a tantalizing and elaborate donut bar.

Jaz and Ben

Jasmine & Ben

This couple was so much fun, we can’t wait to share it! From the upcycled furniture to the giant jenga set, you’ll wish you were invited to this fun-filled vintage, farm-style wedding.

Jess and Chris

Jess & Chris

We can’t get enough of this this summer wedding in Brisbane. Overflowing with sultry romance, from the glass orbs hanging in the trees to the vintage lace gown with a keyhole back, the unique and classic details are perfect to inspire any romantic couple.

Jessica and Steven

Jessica & Stephen

Location, location, location! The stunning backdrop of the Chicago skyline paired with rare aquatic life at the Shedd Aquarium made this sweet couple’s wedding one-of-a-kind.

Nat and Cliff

Natalie & Cliff

Fall head-over-heels with this picturesque New Orlean’s wedding. Brimming with romance and infused with travel-inspired, wanderlust details, we can’t wait to share all the beauty of this timeless wedding.


Priyanka & Rahul

Infused with artistry and creativity, this Bollywood wedding consisted of three special ceremonies and endless personal details. Seamlessly uniting the traditional and the modern, Priyanka & Rahul prove that you can have everything.


Susan & Sonny

Looking like they walked straight out of a magazine, this ethereal & whimsical wedding was inspired by Susan and Sonny’s mutual love of the outdoors and their laid-back personalities.


Victoria & Matt

Victoria and Matt’s intimate destination wedding in Maui was both a celebration of their love, as well as a relaxing and sunshine-filled vacation for their family and friends.

Jeff and Shannon

Jeff & Shannon

Confession: we have an undeniable weakness for matching Chuck Taylor’s and DIY details, which were just two of the fun and distinctive qualities at Jeff and Shannon’s gorgeous autumn wedding.

Natalia and Roberto

Natalia & Roberto

This beachy green wedding included starfish decor and palm leaf embellishments that perfectly complemented this easygoing couple’s simple and romantic style.

Congratulations to all of our stunning couples, and check in with us next Tuesday to find out all the details that went into our first featured couple’s amazing big day!