The Greenvelope team is a happy bunch and we love to shower our mothers with love.  We asked each team to tell how they celebrate Mother’s Day.

Kyle: We usually have some sort of extended family get together around Mother’s Day, where I’ll see my mom and grandmas. At our house, I do what I can to give my wife and mother of our 3 kids some time off from some of the daily responsibilities of being a mom, but we’re usually coming and going to a family event (or two) so she probably doesn’t get the time off she deserves.

Noni: Back when I lived with my parents, I would take my mom to brunch at the local country club, which was only opened to the public on Mother’s Day.  It would be just the two of us since my brother and father always had soccer tournaments on Sunday.  We’d revisit old memories and gossip about girly stuff, then at the end of brunch I would give her a gift. Since I moved away, I still send her a gift each year and call to wish her a happy Mother’s Day.

Preston: We don’t really have any traditions as my mother was always low-key about the whole thing. However, my wife and I are expecting a child in August, so I guess we’ll have the opportunity to make Mother’s Day whatever we want it to be.

Lauren: We always start with a nice family breakfast and then take a walk or spend time gardening together! For us it’s more about spending time together than about gifts.

Cliff: I always make sure I get my mom flowers. When I was still living with her, I would wake up early to get her flowers and breakfast. Now that I live further away, I still make sure I order flowers, and I always give her a call!

Sam: I go for a hike with my mom.


Need a reason to try out Greenvelope?  With our free trial, you can send up to 10 free cards and if you refer us to a friend, you get 10 additional free cards. That means you can invite up to 20 people (including your mother of course) for free to celebrate this upcoming lovely holiday. The designs shown above were originally made for weddings, but since most of our designs are completely editable, we turned them into Mother’s Day Brunch invitations.