Today we are so excited to have a chance to chat with one of our featured photographers, Sachi Anand. Sachi helps bring life to our photo insert save the dates and invitations with vibrant, beautiful photos of real couples. Keep reading to hear about her journey from biochemistry to photography, her daily inspiration, and more.

What was your path from being an aspiring photographer to becoming a full-time photographer?

Timing and chance lined up! I always believe that everything happens¬†for a reason and although at the time I would not have known, now¬†looking back I am able to see that reason. Although I always had an¬†interest in photography, I would have never thought of it as a serious¬†full-time career during my college years. I took a safer route of¬†pursuing a degree in biochemistry and then went on to¬†complete medical school. Once I finished, I realized that I would¬†not be happy in medicine for the rest of my life, so when it came time¬†to applying to residency I decided instead to buy a professional level¬†camera and to give photography a shot! 4.5 years later, I have no¬†regrets, and it was the best decision that I’ve ever made. I truly¬†believe that if you love what you do, you will succeed!

love inspiration

What is your primary photo style?

I would say that my style is a mix of posed and candid photography.¬†Detail shots are my absolute favorite; it’s all the small details that¬†make the biggest¬†statement. My editing style is very bright and vibrant¬†in color.

What is your favorite place/event/thing you have ever photographed?

My favorite part of photographing a wedding is the first dance! It¬†always feels as though the world stops in those moments with all eyes¬†on the bride and groom. I feel like the emotions are so raw and real¬†during the first dance and to be able to capture the way they are¬†looking at each other, it’s just so beautiful!

posed & candids

How do you make people who are perhaps uncomfortable in front of a camera feel more at ease and get the perfect shot?

I try to help couples relax in front of the camera by having them¬†interact with each other and talk to each other rather than looking¬†directly into the camera. It helps to show a few previews behind the¬†camera so that they can see that it doesn’t look as uncomfortable as¬†they may feel. Plus, I am a pretty friendly and approachable person,¬†so that usually helps. Many of my brides end up becoming my friends¬†ūüôā

What most motivates or inspires you in your career?

LOVE. Once I made my career change to photography, I knew weddings¬†would be what I wanted to shoot. I’m a hopeless romantic that loves¬†watching all those sappy rom-coms. I am all about love and romance,¬†so it’s not surprising that I would want to shoot weddings, it’s the¬†ultimate day for witnessing love!


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