Unfortunately, Internet consumers have become accustomed to waiting a full day (or more) to get an email from customer support. And when they do receive an email the email the response is often hastily written without a full understanding of the request. Our initial target was electronic wedding invitations, so I knew this this customer service status quo “would not fly” for couples planning their special day.

“I want to give a huge shout out to Greenvelope today! What amazing customer service, What a GREAT service. THANK you Sam, your company rocks – I look forward to introducing Greenvelope to all my fabulous clientele.”


One of the most important concepts I learned while studying at WashU, was in an entry level marketing class: A business should strive to receive a positive answer to the “Ultimate Question” – Would you recommend this product to a friend? The viral effect caused by word of mouth referral has been our biggest driving force of growth. Positive company interaction and speedy support play a significant importance in creating an experience that a customer will recommend to their friends.


Growth Chart

“LOVE your product. I’ve told anyone who will listen and also forwarded your website link. I’m a huge proponent of going green. Cool product. Best wishes for continued growth and success!”


Below are a few tips that have helped Greenvelope achieve outstanding customer support:

Tip 1 – Who Handles Customer Support? 

We do not have “outsourced” customer service agents that read from scripts. Each member of the Greenvelope team is trained to provide customer support so we are always offering the most excellent and direct service, in house. Rather than outsourcing our support, we found that having the entire team keeping a pulse on our customer’s experience (from our lead developer to our interns) is critical to maintaining a strong relationship with our users and their needs. Providing direct customer support, allows us to keep our pipeline full with ideas collaboratively developed from conversations with our users.

“My fiancé was shocked when I told him of all the help you provided me with free of charge. That is unheard of now a days…everything cost something, and I really appreciate all that you did to assist me. Your website is great, and your service is unbelievable! I will definitely pass along the experience I have had with your company! Planning a wedding is stressful enough, and it was awesome to have the support from you!”


Tip 2 – Going the “Extra Mile” 

We pride ourselves with the fact that we are able to provide such personalized support, but we also strive to maintain a work life balance. Since we still have a small and growing team, we are currently limited to providing support during Seattle business hours (Pacific Standard Time). This works well for the majority of customers, but we do understand that sometimes people work on last minute deadlines and we strive to accommodate these needs. If needed, we stay at the office late on a Friday, wake up in the middle of the night to help international customers, or return calls on a Sunday.

Most of our candid online reviews explicitly address how we go the “extra mile” to ensure happy customers:

“What a fantastic company and product! I had a few questions when considering the product and called the company on the 5th of July and the owner, Sam, answered the phone! I was surprised and impressed at this level of customer service.”


This is an example where all employees were enjoying their vacation, but I took advantage of a free moment on my holiday weekend to help a customer.

Tip 3 – Maintaining A+ Support As We Grow

As our active user count continues to increase, our customer support has stayed relatively consistent. Here is why:

  1. Any time a user is confused about a step of the process we attempt to make that step clearer to eliminate questions for future users.
  2. Any time a new feature is requested multiple times, we build this feature, which reduces the number of support tickets opened.
  3. We maintain a comprehensive Knowledgebase with FAQs. There are specific articles for every step of the process with visual screenshots and step-by-step directions.

Tip 4 – Stay Organized

Desk.com has been a lifesaver. When we first started, we were managing customer support with standard email, but consumer queries inevitably slipped through the cracks. Desk shows the status of a ticket and allows us to keep a history of all customer interactions.

Desk Customer Support

My Direct Phone Number

I always enjoy talking to customers and appreciate feedback to improve the Greenvelope experience.  Feel free to call me directly at 1-888-505-2588 extension 2. If I am unavailable, please leave a message and I will return your call as soon as possible.

– Sam